[Podcast] Launch Your Minimum Viable Podcast with Mark Asquith

What’s your minimum viable podcast?

In this episode, Mark Asquith of Excellence Expected and The 7 Minute Mentor shares his experience launching successful podcasts and businesses.

With hundreds of episodes under his belt, Mark delivers a ton of insights that are immediately actionable.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • Why you should focus on the user instead of the numbers
  • The best question to ask your subscribers often to learn what they need
  • How user questions and ideas can be repurposed into countless podcast and blog topic ideas
  • How to prove your concept without over-engineering your launch
  • How to orchestrate your ‘value ladder’ and transform casual listeners into fans and paying customers
  • How repetition can yield increased engagement
  • How to write naturally and effectively for email
  • And much more…

Key takeaway

One of my key takeaways from our conversation:

'People want to know you so let people understand who you are...' - @mrasquith on #podcasting Click To Tweet

Important links

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  1. Riccard

    8/3/2017 1:23 pm

    Tom, thank you very much for this amazing podcast, I found it phenomenal all that was said, it helped me a lot!

  2. Tom Tate

    8/3/2017 1:24 pm

    Hey Riccard! So glad you found value in this episode. 🙂 Thank you for listening.

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    8/9/2017 12:11 am

    I really like this episode! Thank you for sharing!