[PODCAST] Finding Your Voice and Product with Addy Saucedo

Have an idea for a physical product? Find out how our next guest used podcasting and email marketing to turn her product idea into a successful reality.

In this episode, we learn how Addy Saucedo of The Podcast Planner created and launched a physical product that solved a true market need for her audience.

Addy has over five years of experience hosting podcasts, producing and managing over fifteen other podcasts. Her passion for the craft and dedication to serving podcasters is evident in the engaging content she produces on a regular basis.

Using email marketing, Addy has been able to build an audience, keep them engaged, pre-launch a product, automate her sales with evergreen content and boost growth with one-time promotions.

In this episode, we’ll cover how to:

  • Avoid “podfading”
  • Create trusted workflows using templates
  • Conceptualize a product that solves a true problem
  • Develop your confidence and podcasting “voice”
  • Create a strong call-to-action in your emails
  • Automate your sales with a welcome sequence
  • And much more…

Key takeaway

One of my key takeaways from our conversation:

CTAs are not for our benefit. They’re for the benefit of our listeners. - Addy S. @podcastplanner Click To Tweet

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