[Podcast] Episode 33: Epic Email Marketing Tactics for Authors with J. Thorn

What are your deepest and darkest fears?

For years, independent author J. Thorn has been exploring the question through his fear and fantasy fiction writing. He’s sold over 150,000 copies of his work and topped the Amazon charts – once landing at #5 in Horror, next to his childhood favorites, Dean Koontz and Stephen King.

Through his work, Thorn has developed a strong, unique voice, both in his respected genres and in the independent writers community. And he’s leveraged that connection to his fans through email marketing.



In this episode, we discuss valuable strategies that anyone – not just authors – can apply, to attract the right kind of subscribers, offer immediate value, engage their readers. We talk about the ways to maintain a consistently above-average open rate and find your ideal subscriber persona. We even break down J.’s unique lead magnet and welcome message, and what makes them so successful.

If you fantasize about having hundreds of loyal subscribers and fear ending up in the dark depths of the spam folder, you’ll want to tune in, take notes, and take action!

Episode Synopsis

Listen in, as we discuss:

  • How J. took the leap and finished his first novel
  • The platforms and options for independent authors
  • Ways to structure your lead magnet and welcome series
  • The importance of writing to a persona
  • … and much more!

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