[Podcast] Episode 27: Remarkable Email Marketing for Podcasters with Jerod Morris

Thinking about starting a podcast? Today is your day! Starting a podcast is an exciting venture, and can lead to all sorts of fruitful happenings for you and your business. My fellow podcasters can attest to this.

That’s not to say picking up the mic is easy! Podcasting can be a challenge if you’re not equipped for success. Luckily, heroic individuals like Jerod Morris are out there serving as a digital mentor for newbies and pros alike. With Jonny Nastor, Jerod cohosts The Showrunner, a podcast about podcasting. Over the course of a few episodes, Jerod and Jonny discussed the importance and value of building an engaged email list. To discuss and reiterate some of those points, I recruited Jerod to join the show.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to develop a hypothesis for your show’s concept
  • How a strong email strategy can be your podcast differentiator
  • The importance of crafting a strong lead magnet
  • The impact of email marketing on your show
  • Jerod’s advice for forming strong relationships with listeners and subscribers
  • … and much more!

Ready to rock the mic? Already a podcaster? Check out our Email Marketing for Podcaster’s Guide to start building your community today.

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