[Podcast] Episode 26: Take Twitter and Email to the Next Level with Madalyn Sklar

It might seem odd to hear an email marketing podcast focus on Twitter, but rest assured there’s tremendous opportunity to reach a wide audience with the little blue bird that could. Not only can you use Twitter to build your list, but you can also engage with your current subscribers by connecting on the social platform.

Twitter can be a bit intimidating for most (it certainly was for me!), and it’s easy to see why. You get a limited character count to post content, and there’s just an endless flow of tweets to consume and keep up with.

So what’s a time-strapped, tweet-driven digital marketer to do? Call on the experts, of course!

For this week’s podcast, we teamed up with top ranked social media power influencer Madalyn Sklar to bring you all the latest tactics to tap into the power of Twitter. You’ll be growing your list, and seeing boosts in engagement in no time.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The current state of Twitter marketing in 2016 and how to best use it
  • How to leverage Twitter lists to attract attention
  • Tips to engage your subscribers to follow you on Twitter
  • What are Twitter Chats, and how can they help you grow your following
  • How to ‘pin’ your lead magnet
  • How Twitter Cards can help you get more leads – and at no cost! (Check out the example from Buffer below.)

Buffer Twitter Card

  • … and much more!

It’s a jam-packed episode, and if you want to get started with Twitter or improve your strategy, you don’t want to miss it.

Here are a few links that were mentioned on the show:

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  1. Madalyn Sklar

    6/14/2016 7:59 pm

    Tom, thank you for having me on the podcast. I really enjoyed chatting with you and sharing actionable tips for the listeners.

  2. Ronda

    6/21/2016 1:24 am

    I do have a twitter account, yet never knew what to do with it as far building subscribers,.I learned a lot,.

  3. Tom Tate

    6/21/2016 10:06 am

    Madalyn – my pleasure, it was a great episode!

    Hi Ronda,

    So glad you learned a lot from this show. So did I!

    Thanks for listening,


  4. Jim

    6/22/2016 10:53 am

    A very interesting podcast! I like your Twitter tips

  5. Tom Tate

    6/22/2016 10:55 am

    Hi Jim,

    Thanks so much for your feedback and for listening!


  6. Jim

    6/24/2016 9:05 am

    Tom, thanks for sharing such an informative podcast. Getting to know your subscribers or clients is a really important challenge for any kind of business. I like Madalyn’s approach.
    However I cannot agree that e-mail marketing is very much alive. It is alive but it now depends on many other spheres, most of all in mobile. Look at this stats, people now check their emails through smartphones mostly. It makes sense to take advantage from it. First of all, you should always optimize your letters for mobile audience, it is a must. Second, there are mobile tools to help you do it. You can read about applications that enable you to manage your emails on the go in this article. Another option is to engage your audience through apps. People spend much more time on apps than on web browsers, according to reports, so there is more chance that they will read your content there. Here they write that app also provides for additional channels to attract new audience.
    Here are just some of my thoughts, hop you will find them interesting.

  7. Tom Tate

    6/24/2016 9:24 am

    These are great thoughts, thanks for sharing Jim!

    I totally agree we have entered the age of the mobile, and sending email newsletters that are optimized for a mobile-audience is crucial.

    Thanks again for listening and participating!