[Podcast] Episode 020: All about content curation with the Curate team

Over the past few months, we’ve been working to develop and release our third mobile app, Curate. (Curious about it? Listen to this podcast episode and then check out our announcement post from earlier today.)

Curate lets you build an email newsletter using curated content. But what exactly is curated content?

In this episode, I host a roundtable with our content marketing expert Kristen Dunleavy, user experience guru Grace Stoeckle, and iOS development team lead, Andy Obusek, all about, you guessed it, curated content.

At AWeber, we believe in the power of email to connect people in remarkable ways; to build strong relationships in the inbox – the kind of relationships that grow your business. If you are struggling with what to write in your emails, or finding ways to provide added value to your subscribers, this episode is a perfect introduction into an effective strategy that you can add to your email marketing repertoire.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What is content curation?
  • Why curated newsletters are so effective?
  • What are some tips and tricks for creating engaging curated content?
  • What tools can help you find and publish curated content?
  • And much more…

This episode was recorded live on Blab.im. You can watch the recording here!.

Listen below:

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Friendly Podcast Disclaimer: We like to include this little note on each episode’s post because we provide educational content and frequently interview guests on this podcast. The views and opinions of any podcast guest are their own, and does not necessarily reflect the views of AWeber. Marketing best practices and advice can change based on regulations, trends and market conditions. Therefore, any older episodes may contain information most relevant at the time of publication. We hope you enjoy!


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