[Podcast] Take Action With This Bonus Audio Series

In this bonus four-part mini-series of the Ask Me About Email Marketing podcast, AWeber’s Tom T. talks with Digital Marketing Strategist Ernest Barbaric about facing our entrepreneurial fears, getting unstuck, staying focused and taking action.

Each week on the podcast, we hear from some amazing digital and email marketers – but the content is typically focused on actionable tactics and strategies to help you improve your campaigns. While this is great to cover, we rarely dig deep into the psychological non-marketing bits that drive us to be (or keep us from being) successful. So that’s exactly what we’re tackling in these next four episodes.

This disruptive series is all about the mindset and qualities of successful entrepreneurs, as well as the challenges they face. Can’t figure out how to get started? Looking for meaning in your work? Stuck in a rut? Ernest shares his research and experience in both interviewing entrepreneurs and finding entrepreneurial success himself.

Check out part one below, and tune in each week for the remaining episodes:

In part 2, Tom T talks with Ernest about finding your purpose and tapping in to your most meaningful work.

In part 3, we discuss facing the fear of failure, which often keeps us from realizing our meaningful work.

In part 4, the conclusion to our series, we talk about how to finally get unstuck and dig out of your creative rut.

Today is your day to take action!

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About Ernest Barbaric

You can also learn more about our guest expert, Ernest Barbaric, and check out his incredible rut-busting course, Project un(stuck). I’ve taken this free 7 week course and can attest to its effectivity.

Tune in next week, or subscribe via iTunes, as we continue this four-part series.

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  1. Bayrampaşa Baymak Servisi

    9/10/2016 2:38 am

    Omg. Amazing Good Share Tanks Tanks Tanks !!!

  2. Jenny

    9/10/2016 4:02 am

    Very timely podcast today – thank you

  3. Tom Tate

    9/12/2016 10:06 am

    Hi Jenny!

    So glad it was timely. Thank you for listening!