Put Your Newsletter In The (Time) Zone

By Justin Premick

One of the challenges that we all face as email publishers is getting subscribers to open our messages and take action. Many factors influence whether they do this or not. One that I frequently see people discussing and testing is the time of day that messages are sent. How can we do this, considering that subscribers come from all over the schedules, and their schedules are scattered across the day?

How Not to Make a Sign up Form

By Justin Premick

We’ve talked a lot in this space about making it as easy as possible for your subscribers to get on your list. Recently I came across an opt-in form that highlights just how frustrating signing up can be. And this site wasn’t even marketing anything!

Easy Way to Remind Subscribers of Their Opt-in

By Marc Kline

We’ve posted several articles now on SPAM issues, including those on how to avoid being perceived as a spammer. Among these, you’ll find blog articles on content filtering, a guide to personal e-mail filters and do’s and don’ts for adding subscribers. You’ll also find some important information in exploring our knowledge base. These are big, important things to consider. But of course, there are also more subtle, easy to implement things you should do as well. I thought it’d be helpful to chime in with a quick tip.

Case Study: Marketing an Entertainment Newsletter

By Justin Premick

Meet John Waterman, creator of the Bandit A&R newsletter, a monthly print and email publication providing artists information on which industry professionals are currently seeking new talent and how to get demos/samples to them.

What Is A Subscriber Worth?

By Justin Premick

Lately I’ve come across a lot of blog and forum posts that ask how to determine the value of a subscriber.

This is an important question for any marketer. After all, if you don’t know what your subscribers are worth, then you can’t decide how much time, effort and money you’re willing to dedicate to building your list.

Why Don’t People Just Unsubscribe?

By Justin Premick

It’s easy to forget, working strictly with opt-in email publishers, that there are a lot of people out there who don’t abide by the same standards and ethics that we do here at AWeber. I recently came across an article in the New York Times that discussed ways to “take control” of the flow of marketing materials coming to you in different forms. What struck me was their advice regarding email.

How to Tie a Download to Your Opt-In Form

By Justin Premick

One of the questions we get a lot is about how to offer a bonus or download to people who sign up to a list. So what’s the best way to do this?

Top 10 Email Domains of 2006

By Tom Kulzer

During 2006 the top 10 email domains have grown from representing 61.25% of email web form requests in January to 65% in December. Detailed top domain statistics, charts, and commentary contained within…