Clickbank Autoresponder and Follow Up Integration

By Justin Premick

By redirecting your Clickbank buyers to an opt-in form for your customer list, you can have them add to your AWeber autoresponder
and follow up with them post-purchase. Detailed instructions on how to integrate Clickbank and AWeber.

PayPal Autoresponder and Follow Up Integration

By Justin Premick

Following up with customers after they purchase is a critical part of the sales process. This communication helps foster trust and loyalty from people who have already purchased from you.

Guide to Personal Email Filters

By Justin Premick

Most email clients have a way for users to “whitelist” a sender so that messages from that sender aren’t filtered to the junk folder. I investigated major email programs to find out what subscribers should do, step by step, to ensure they see your messages.

How To Convert Shopping Cart Abandons

By Justin Premick

I’ve read a lot of posts lately about converting potential buyers who are on your site, put items into their shopping cart, and then before checking out, leave your site. People are close to purchasing your product, but for some reason are changing their minds at the last minute and abandoning their carts.

ISP Content Filtering

By Justin Premick

While ISPs still use IP blacklists to try to keep spam off of their systems,
they increasingly use other tactics to keep their users’ inboxes clear of
spam while still delivering requested messages. One comonly used
method is content filtering.

Confirmed Opt-In: Help Your Subscribers Confirm

By Justin Premick

I took a support call recently where the customer was concerned about using Verified Opt-In with her subscribers. She remarked at one point:

“My subscribers aren’t web-savvy, and they don’t know what double opt-in means.”

She brings up a good point: language that is understood among one group of people (in this example, senders of opt-in email) may not be understood by another group (such as your subscribers).When telling your subscribers that they need to click a link in the verification message, your wording will affect your verification rate.

Are you sending HTML without plain text alternatives?

By Marc Kline

Often times when working with customers on their message campaigns, I notice they are including only HTML versions of their messages to their subscribers, with no plain text version. I politely bite my lip while I work with them on whatever issue they’ve called in for, then in an attempt to be as helpful as I can, I point a few things out to them about this…