More Email Marketing Ideas For Doctors

By Justin Premick

Most of us think of the doctor as someone who we go to when we’re sick. The trouble with that is that we don’t address our health proactively/preventatively, and we treat our doctors more like “problem fixers” than health and wellness professionals. As a practitioner, you have the opportunity (obligation?) to build trust with us through education. And a great way to deliver that education is with opt-in email marketing. We’ve already looked at some email content ideas for doctors, but we’ve got a couple more…

Market a Small Business Via Email & Ebooks

By Justin Premick

Many businesses use “ethical bribes” such as ebooks and free reports to collect opt-in subscribers. Once they’ve gotten what they came for, though, you have to continue to offer value in order to turn them from “freebie seekers” to active, engaged subscribers who you can convert to paying customers. Our latest case study looks at Marc David and how he’s using email newsletters as well as automated follow ups to build a legion of raving fans in a hotly-contested niche: personal fitness and bodybuilding.

Don’t Hit Send Yet!

By Justin Premick

Check it Twice...As we’ve talked about before, there’s not a whole lot in email marketing that makes you feel worse than taking a lot of time crafting the perfect message, sending it and then realizing that:

  • you didn’t include the right link
  • you forgot to make that last change to your subject
  • you put the wrong personalization in

While you send your messages exactly as you want them most of the time, you’ve no doubt had that “whoops!” moment at least once or twice.

So how do you avoid having it again?

Restaurant Marketing Tips: Meet the Chef

By Marc Kline

In our last post, we established that there’s more to an email campaign than economic incentive. You need to build a relationship that establishes unique selling points to cultivate a return customer base.

Who better to establish these points than the lead creative force of your company? In the case of a restaurant, the head creator is the chef.

In this article, I’ll describe how introducing your chef can add a personal face to your email campaign and how even if you don’t have a restaurant, this type of message can benefit your own business.

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Restaurant Marketing Tips: Beyond Coupons

By Marc Kline

restaurant_table.jpgHow can email help restaurants best capitalize on a dining market while the local fast food joint pump out millions of burgers faster and cheaper?

As the first of a series, in this article I’ll offer advice on how quality oriented restaurants can use email marketing to increase their profits through cultivating a base of regular customers, something that could benefit a business of any type.

Read my advice.

How To Grow A Tourism Business With Email

By Justin Premick

International tourism alone accounts for nearly 30% of worldwide exports, and its share continues to grow. People like to get out and “see the world” (just think about how many times you’ve heard that phrase). In such a lively market, it seems that opportunity must abound. Of course, like any opportunity, not everyone takes advantage of it. Gerry Kerkhof did. And he’s using email marketing to grow his tourism business – helping people discover one of the world’s most popular tourism destinations, Spain. Learn how he does it.

Five Content Ideas for Real Estate Emails

By Justin Premick

Tuesday’s post about Real Estate email marketing talked about what’s wrong with a lot of campaigns. I don’t mean to pick on agents – there are a lot of fields that don’t email market as well as they could/should – but they’re at the front of my mind. See, I’ve been poking around in the local real estate market myself and I just wasn’t getting what I wanted and hoped for as a subscriber. So I wanted to offer some alternatives for you agents out there (maybe the rest of you can get an idea or two out of this, too).

Put Your Newsletter In The (Time) Zone

By Justin Premick

One of the challenges that we all face as email publishers is getting subscribers to open our messages and take action. Many factors influence whether they do this or not. One that I frequently see people discussing and testing is the time of day that messages are sent. How can we do this, considering that subscribers come from all over the schedules, and their schedules are scattered across the day?