Have a Look at the New Web Form Generator

New WFG Video TeaserIt’s here.

We’ve been talking about it a lot on the blog lately, and you’ve been asking “Where is it? When’s it coming out?” since the first post.

Starting today, the new Web Form Generator is rolling out to AWeber customers. Some of you will get it today, some will get it over the coming days/weeks.

Either way, you probably want to get a look at how it works…

Come Take a Look

I thought it would be nice to give a little tour and show you the Web Form Generator in action (think of it as an open house, only with less house and more web forms 🙂 ).

Building web forms with the old generator got the job done, but now you can create great looking forms and do it in a way that is much more convenient (look Ma, no HTML editing!).

Enough beating around the bush… let’s see the darn thing already!

Have You Made a New Web Form Yet? Show it Off!

Are you one of the first to get the new Web Form Generator? Have you made a form with it yet?

If so, show it off – link it up below!

(If you don’t have the new Web Form Generator yet, you will soon… be sure to stop back and share your form, too!)


  1. Scot

    12/23/2010 7:19 pm

    I really like the feature of sliding forms – awesome work AWeber!

    It would be even more awesome if you could set how far a form slides out on your web page. I think we could all increase subscriber rates with a less intrusive side of page slide.

  2. Abraham

    1/26/2011 1:33 pm

    I am with one of your competitors and stuck with few form templates . I really liked this feature of Aweber where I can match forms according to my website theme.

    Good going.

  3. David

    3/2/2011 6:48 am

    Hi Justin

    Are you going to up-date the video/videos to fit in with the new Aweber look? I want to promote my affiliate prog more and think potential new customers should see what a great job Aweber have done.


  4. Justin Premick

    3/2/2011 11:10 am

    Hi David,

    We’re updating a number of videos and other content to reflect the recent updates to the AWeber control panel.

    You may find it helpful to refer to our Knowledge Base content rather than blog posts for the most up-to-date videos. Here’s one on web forms that has already been updated:


  5. Steven

    4/7/2011 6:44 am

    Hi, can you tell me if I can capture postal addresses in the forms, or is it just email addresses.


  6. Justin Premick

    4/8/2011 8:16 am

    Hi Steven,

    Yes! Collecting postal addresses is one of a few neat things you can easily make your signup forms do.


  7. Meg

    4/11/2011 12:25 pm

    I have used the web forms and popup web forms on many many pages on my wordpress site.

    My question is, if I want to update my webforms that I’ve made on Aweber, and add a new sentence or change a headline etc, can I change it and it will automatically filter down into all of my webpages where it’s code is pasted?

    Would I have to go into each and every page and add the changes manually (paste new code) or will it be done automatically when I update my webform in Aweber?

    I hope you can help me out, I love Aweber, it gets better and better!

    Many thanks

    p.s I hope there’s some automagical feature to do this, fingers crossed.

  8. Amanda Gagnon

    4/11/2011 3:11 pm

    Meg ~ If you’ve posted the JavaScript to your page, everything will automatically update. If you used the HTML, you’ll just have to paste the new HTML (generated after your changes) in its place.

  9. Narasimharao

    4/15/2011 1:58 pm

    It is very nice and useful to all

  10. Steven

    4/18/2011 6:53 am

    Sorry Justin – one more question. Is it just US postal addresses I can collect. I’m from the UK and want to collect UK addresses.


  11. Justin Premick

    4/18/2011 9:51 am


    You can collect UK addresses – you’ll just need to create the fields one by one for that while building your form.


  12. freddie morales

    6/18/2011 7:59 am

    I like the design, good job in the design department.
    this is very helpfull when you go to choose.. There is alot
    to choose from and features that are very nice,,I look forward in
    finding more information from your site….

    Well done…

  13. Kurt Gross

    8/25/2011 9:47 pm

    You are kidding, right?

    Your video about the “Demo/Walk-Through of aWeber’s new Web Form Generator” starts off with “Click on the ‘Create Web Form button” but it does NOT tell me where to find that.

    It’s not on the page I’m at, and any video worth it’s salt tells where it’s is starting.

    Your video does not do this. It’s starts somewhere, on a secret page that contains that link.

    Your video needs to assume NOTHING. Tell me to go to the Home page and do such and such when I get there, but don’t start in the middle.

    I know it’s hard to relate to this. You may even roll your eyes over my comments, but that’s why you need to think like a person who needs directions – you know, someone like a “customer”. We don’t work on aWeber all day like you do, we do not know where these secret pages are. TELL US!


  14. Rebekah Henson

    8/26/2011 9:01 am


    Thanks for your feedback. We agree with you that videos should always be as clear as possible, and we’re sorry if this one caused some confusion for you.

    If you watch the very beginning of the video, it shows the highlighted “Web Forms” tab, which is the same tab you would click in your own account to see the “Create Web Form” button. It’s not a secret page, it’s the page that comes up as soon as you click that tab.

    Thanks for your tip. We’ll keep it in mind for future videos!

  15. Lowell

    10/20/2011 1:31 pm

    I love Aweber Forms. I especially how I don’t have to change the form script on my multiple pages when I try new templates for the same list. It’s automatic. Thanks for the additional features.

  16. Fulya

    4/22/2012 5:41 am

    I really don’t know what I really want to say But I know exactly what I am going to write here. BOTTOM OF MY HEARTH THANK YOU!!!! I wasn’t aware yet for this service. Yesterday I bought a Coffee Cup Form Designer. Then I regretted not because of the software it s really good software. The bad news was ( I learnt later after I made my purchase) They weren’t supporting Aweber Form Codes. Today I starded to search on the net any Web Form software SUPPORTS Aweber form. Then……????

    Shock Shock Shock!!!!!!!! My Aweber Service alreay started to give this service where I was then…? When did this happen…? Ooohhh my God I gone crazy I really wanted to thank you from the bottom of my hearth.

    You really made me happy

  17. jos bults

    5/7/2013 9:57 am

    HI, I’ve been going over the comments and it struck me that ANY remark, request or hint about multilanguage support goes unanswered.

    I find it very bad that a service that a commercial product such as AWeber – for which I pay money to use it – does not have UTF-8 defined as standard character set. I was planning to use this software – it was advised to me as being very good – but I am now canceling my subscription.

    Ridiculous that I can not use it with Chinese characters. Even a cheap bulk mail software such as Maxprog supports not only all code pages but also RTL languages.

  18. Amanda Gagnon

    5/7/2013 1:01 pm

    Jos, the message editor does support UTF-8/Chinese characters. Our previous editor did not, but the current editor does.

  19. Charles Lindup

    3/2/2014 11:07 pm

    I remember back when Johnathan first started aweber and I always wanted to be a part of the success back then as an internet marketing novice. Unfortunately, I never got round to using aweber at the time and I must admit, I struggled for many years. Now with my latest website, I decided not to hold back on quality – so yes, I chose aweber!

    Imagine my suprise when I saw all those template forms and other helpful aids to help get me going with my first email campaigns. Unbelievable!

    Thank you Johnathan and aWeber, I’m proud to be aboard!