Facebook Registration for Your Web Forms

Note: This feature is no longer available due to changes with Facebook’s integration offerings. You can still integrate AWeber with Facebook by adding a webform with your Facebook page, and utilizing Facebook’s call-to-action button.

Facebook needs no introduction. It has a staggering number of users, so integrations like posting recent newsletters to your fan page or placing a web form there are always exciting to talk about.

Today, we’re happy to introduce a new Facebook integration: Facebook registration for your AWeber web forms.

What Does It Do?

Enabling Facebook registration for your web forms will automatically enter the name and email address of a visitor to your page as long as they are logged in to Facebook. Those not logged in to Facebook will simply see the normal web form.

Logged into Facebook now? Click the image above to see a demo!

Essentially, Facebook users will be able to subscribe to your list without touching their keyboards.

How Easy Is It to Use?

In a word: extremely. As of right now, you’ll notice this checkbox whenever you create a web form (or edit one) in your AWeber account. Simply check the box, then continue as normal. Nothing to it.

When you place the form on your website or send people to the AWeber hosted version, the Facebook registration will be available.

Three Reasons This Is AWesome

  • It lowers the barrier for entry to your mailing list. Visitors to your site don’t have to type anything in order to subscribe.
  • Email addresses collected this way are more likely to be valid and active, since the address that Facebook provides through the registration form is the same one that was used to sign up for the Facebook account.
  • There’s no chance for typos. The email address is transmitted directly from Facebook to your web form.


  1. Anz Joy

    12/27/2013 5:25 am

    Here is my logic for putting one form in the sidebar and more forms on the page. The primary purpose of my sidebar form is to hopefully get people to signup when they first hit my site. It won?t matter what page they enter through they will see this form. I then may put another form at the bottom of specific content pages. In many cases, depending on how long your article or content area is the sidebar form will disappear off the page. If someone takes the time to read the whole article or content they are obviously interested in what you have to say. So, I present them a final opt-in form on many of the bottoms of the pages.

  2. Eran

    1/6/2014 9:53 pm

    I, like others have mentioned in this thread, have a concern that the form is now very long.

    Is it possible to reduce the space between fields and/or even embed the field titles inside the actual fields, so that there is very minimal amounts of vertical space between each field?

    Thanks very much.


  3. Rachel Acquaviva

    1/7/2014 8:29 am

    Hello Eran,

    Facebook controls the body of the form once it’s integrated, so there’s no way to adjust it.

  4. L.Figgs

    2/20/2014 11:50 am

    Feb. 20, 2014
    I have a problem with the Facebook integration. When a website visitor is signed into Facebook, he doesn’t see the normal Aweber form at all?just his Facebook profile photo. If he hovers over the photo, words appear that say he can sign up with his FB profile.

    My problem is that the signed-in FB user sees no other option, and this is an absolute DEAL BREAKER for me.

    I?m a FB user and NEVER sign in with my profile on other sites. So I don?t want our website to appear to offer only this option to FB users.

    Despite the instructions in the Aweber article on this page, I see no option for turning off the Facebook integration while creating and editing forms.

    How can I turn off this feature?

  5. L.Figgs

    2/20/2014 11:53 am

    To clarify my previous note: I?d like to have sign-in options, but I want the Aweber form displayed on the page ALONG with other options. I don?t want the form to be replaced unless the visitor CHOOSES another sign-in option.

  6. L.Figgs

    2/20/2014 12:12 pm

    Sorry to send 3 notes about FB integration, but after a bit more searching, I found the FB integration option on the ?Basic Settings? page. That option is NOT checked; yet the feature works anyway.

    So, I still want to know how to turn off this feature.

    Thank you.

  7. ilonka

    6/27/2014 12:12 pm

    I installed the sign up form on my facebook, but now I get messages from people that the app does not work on mobile devices! that is a real bummer! I do not see any one else commenting about this here?

  8. Tomme

    7/31/2014 9:27 am

    Hi Nick,

    This is awesome! I just tried it. I also noticed it made my current option form very long. But I do like it. Good work!