AWeber is Compliant with MSN/Hotmail’s Sender ID Changes.

Microsoft has begun Sender ID look ups, displaying a large yellow alert box called a “safety bar” above messages that are not authenticated. Sender ID is the Microsoft implementation of the popular SPF authentication system which indicates which IP
addresses a specific Sender or Return Path is permitted to send from.

The safety bar will alert recipients that, “The sender of this message could not be verified by Sender ID.”

Sender ID “Safety Bar” screen shot.

AWeber is Compliant:

All opt-in messages sent to MSN/Hotmail thru AWeber are fully compliant with Sender ID. They will not generate any type of unauthenticated “safety bar” warning.

Consequences of Non Compliance:

In November Microsoft will begin placing messages that are not Sender ID authenticated in the bulk folder.

This will have a dramatically impact upon email deliverability for businesses using services that are not Sender ID compliant. Businesses attempting to run their own software or servers for newsletter delivery should be aware of these changes. Modification of systems is required or seek the assistance of outsourced email newsletter and follow up services like AWeber.

It is important to stay on top of technical trends and requirements to ensure reliable email deliverability.