How To Load A Message Into A New List

The content on this page may not be up-to-date. For the most accurate instructions, please refer to: How Do I Move A Message From One List To Another?

You can load any of your messages (follow up or broadcast) into a new list.

Go into one of the list where the original message lives, using the list-selection dropdown on the top left in your account.


Open the message (or Copy it if it’s a broadcast that’s already been sent). Click Templates, then My Templates. You’ll see a field on the left to enter the name of your email and save it as a template.

Save Template

When you’re in the new list, create a new message in the Block Editor.

Under Templates, scroll through My Templates to choose the template you have just created and hit Apply. Make sure the checkbox that says, “Keep My Message Content,” is unchecked; otherwise the message won’t load properly.

Apply Template

Make edits, if you like, then hit Save, and your message has been copied over.

Once you’ve saved the message in all the lists you’d like it to live, you can delete the template of the message in your template editor if you don?t plan to make edits to the message

If you may make future edits, keep the template. Just make sure it’s clearly labeled so you can find it easily later.

Making Further Edits To A Message Across Several Lists

If you need to make edits to the message, you can easily make them across all the lists where it lives at once.

Go to the Template Manager.

template manager

Open the template you have created for the message in the past.

Template In Editor

Make your edits there, and re-save the template.

Editing Template

In the lists where the message to edit lives, load that message. Go to Templates, then My Templates again. Scroll through the templates until you find the one you’ve just edited. Make sure the checkbox that says, “Keep My Message Content,” is unchecked; otherwise the new content won’t load.

Load the edited template and save out your edited message. Repeat in all lists where the message lives.