Zap An App: Create Your Own App In Under 3 Seconds

Usually, apps take developers days, weeks, sometimes months to build. Which means usually, if you want to bring subscribers from another service into AWeber (or vise versa), you have to either hire your own developer or hope the app gets created by someone else.

But with the new, you can now invite subscribers to different services yourself – and easily, at that. You just drag the services you want to integrate into place, then follow the steps here.

There are a number of ways to use it with your email campaign:

Welcome With SMS

By setting up an AWeber-to-phone zap, you can welcome new subscribers with an SMS message rather than an email.

Fill Your CRM With Prospects

If you use a customer relationship management service such as Salesforce, Highrise or Capsule, you can actually send your new AWeber subscribers directly to it as prospects. Then, should they ever become customers, you’ll be able to see just how far back they’ve been engaged with your brand.

Email Subscribers Individually

By copying your new email subscribers from AWeber to your Google Contacts, you’ll be able to email them individually, should the need arise.

Use Any Web Form You Want

While you can create amazing and stylish web forms right in AWeber, you may already have a form you’ve created in Wufoo that you’d like to use to gather email subscribers. Link Wufoo with AWeber, and zap!

Bring In New Email Subscribers

If someone visits your web site, your web form invites them to sign up for your emails. By creating a zap, you can also invite people who come in contact with your brand in other ways, such as:

New Customers

If you bill clients with Chargify or Freshbooks, you can follow up with them through email to find out how satisfied they are with their purchases and encourage repeat business.

Event Attendees

When someone registers for your event on EventBrite, invite them to an email list to let them know about future events.

Support Seekers

It may make sense to invite prospects you encounter through a support app such as Desk or Zendesk to a list that gets FAQs or helpful tutorials.

But What About Permission?

We’re glad you asked. Every person added though a zap must respond to a confirmation email to be added to your list. However, since Zapier takes the web form out of the sign-up process, this confirmation email will arrive out of the blue.

It’s true that nowadays, if you make a purchase from someone, you almost expect to get emails from them. Whether you want them or not is a different story. And plenty of people who get your confirmation email may be a bit put off if they think you’re assuming they want yours.

This isn’t hard to fix, however. Just adjust your confirmation message to acknowledge the situation. You might write something like,

“Thanks for purchasing garden supplies from us! We’d like to invite you to receive our emails to get announcements of future sales and creative landscaping ideas. Just click the link here and you’ll get them.

This helps recipients understand why they’ve gotten your confirmation message.

(Please note: this is a step that we highly recommend. Otherwise, you risk annoying potential subscribers with a not only unexpected, but unexplained, request.)

What App Would You Zap?

Can you think of any other ways to use this amazing tool with your email campaign? Let’s discuss them in the comments.


  1. Shane

    7/11/2012 9:54 am

    Can we go the opposite way with google contacts? Copying google contacts into aweber, then they get a confirmation message?

    Also, great info.


  2. Justin Premick

    7/11/2012 1:00 pm

    Hi Shane,

    The issue with doing that is that not everyone in your address book has asked you to add them to your email list. Doing so would be a violation of their permission and email marketing best practices.

    For more on when it is/isn’t OK to add someone to your email list, check out this article from our Knowledge Base:

  3. Mark

    7/12/2012 10:55 am

    Great stuff here. I like the text(SMS) welcome. Is there a way to make that go backwards ie: text to subscribe? That would be awesome!

  4. jim cockrum

    7/12/2012 4:20 pm

    Great concept. Let’s see if I get it…

    It took me a few minutes to start to grasp what they are doing here, but here’s an example of how I think I can start using this now for some of my clients.

    The background:
    One of the concepts I teach is “instant lead follow up” for high ticket leads generated online (for example, if a boat seller gets an aweber opt-in lead from their website the sales rep should make every attempt to call that lead within 5 minutes for the best chance of lead retention and an eventual sale.)

    Using this feature of zapier:

    I can now automatically detect when an aweber opt-in form has been used (since an email alert from aweber is sent to the gmail account alerting me of the prospect) and instantly “zap” an assigned sales rep the notification of the lead as an SMS text message. correct?

    There are countless other possibilities of course, but this is my example.

  5. Chris Picanzo

    7/12/2012 6:07 pm

    Great stuff! I like what Mark asked. I pay 100 a month to be able to provide a text keyword to my short code so that could cut costs for me and my customers.

  6. Justin Premick

    7/19/2012 1:45 pm

    Mark and Chris,

    That’s not something that can be done at this time.


    That’s a nice application of that. Based on my quick-and-dirty testing with the “Phone” function in Zapier, it looks like you may be able to do that. I’m not sure about how you would get it to rotate between reps, but it seems worth a few minutes of your time to investigate.

    (Also, you might be able to combine AWeber and Twilio in this way via Zapier.)

  7. AR

    12/29/2012 3:04 pm

    Great job Amanda. I was looking for this already for a long time. I think we’re going to be good friends together (with Aweber). Text SMS is sublime as we are very customer minded. Take care!