1. Linda Roggli

    3/3/2012 8:03 pm

    You have taken away ALL my creative customization. I do not want to use your templates. I have my own hard-earned with years of working with aweber. Why did you dumb-down an editor that wasn’t perfect but at least credited us with a little intelligence? Don’t mind if others want to use this but at least give me the OPTION of using my own layouts. GRRRRR. this might force me away from aweber after 6 years!

  2. Amanda Gagnon

    3/5/2012 9:53 am

    Linda, You certainly have the option of using your own layouts. There are three environments within the new editor: block (drag-and-drop), raw HTML and plain text. You are welcome to use the raw HTML editor, and if you’d like to bring your current layouts into the block editor for any reason, the new template manager (also arriving Tuesday) will allow you to do so.

  3. James Clark

    3/6/2012 4:29 am

    Excellent news! I find the current system a bit cumbersome, especially with the word wraps and page breaks in the html editor, so I am looking forward to giving this new editor a go.

  4. Sebastien

    3/6/2012 11:38 am

    I have just tested it for the last ten minutes and…
    I can’t for the life of me understand the new editor !

    How am I supposed to write a simple, no-frills, no-graphics, HTML email ?

    Let’s say I want to send a simple broadcast that says :
    “Hi firstname,
    Here’s the link you requested :

    Talk to you soon,
    AND I want open rate tracking (so I have to use HTML)

    Right now I CAN’T !
    How am I supposed to do this in the new editor ? Do I have to write raw HTML code ?

    Please bring the old editor back !


  5. Jacob

    3/8/2012 2:57 pm

    I tried it, but found it very confusing. I’m sure I could have ‘figured it out.’ Although, I’m not sure I’ll even find all the features I want or need. It’s mostly just too confusing.

  6. Dagmar

    3/8/2012 10:40 pm

    I have not tried it yet, but I think it will be a good tool.
    As I am trying to get 1 design out to my clients I would prefer to have the editor available for my Follow-up messages as well, is that possi

  7. Daniel

    5/12/2012 5:41 am

    I **** hate the new editor. I want the old one back somehow. That was the edge you had in the autoresponder market. I want to send emails clean and simple,without any fancy stuff !!!

    Is very difficult to send an email just the way I like, just I would write it in my Outlook, just with “wrap” option.

    The fonts are different, my emails are not the same and is a huge disconnect to my list.

    Why can’t we use the old editor at the same time with the new one?

  8. Jimmy

    5/16/2012 10:59 am

    This new editor is way too complicated for my need. Can you give an option to use the old one. People can use the new one if they like, but there should be an option for using the old version.

  9. Amanda Gagnon

    5/17/2012 10:56 am

    Sebastian and Daniel, There’s a button on the top right that says, “Plain Text Only.” Hit that, and you can type in a no-frills plain text email.

    Jacob, This video should help: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOU3n1c96Mo&feature=plcp. (Follow ups and broadcasts use the same editor now.)

    Dagmar, Yes, the editor’s now in your follow-up area as well!

    Jimmy, Yes, you can use the old editor. Underneath your pending broadcasts, you’ll see the question, “Looking for the previous broadcast editor?” Click that link to work in it.

  10. Daniel

    5/18/2012 4:47 am

    Using the “plain text only” from the new editor is somehow not the same with the previous editor style (I’m talking about the arrangement, fonts and feeling)

    Also, I understand you want to improve the editor, just to keep up what are you doing for us;

    The previous editor is perfect for an increased personal communication with our lists. I hope you will leave the option for using it, as well.

  11. Jagan

    5/22/2012 7:02 am

    Will all the users be forced to use the new editor at some point of time?

    I hope not.

    The new one is pathetic, to say the least.

    Aweber is an awesome service, I JUST don’t understand why does it have to irritate its users when everything looks fine?

  12. Jason

    5/23/2012 8:24 pm

    Please don’t take away the old editor, as an aweber user for years, I really do not like the new editor! πŸ™

  13. Billy

    6/2/2012 5:22 pm

    I LOVE Aweber, but this new editor is truly bad news. If I am forced to use it, I will endure the hassle of switching services.

    I am not one of those people who reflexively resists change, by the way. But this forces me to send commercial-looking email that will alienate my audience. And, sorry, saying that my only alternative is to send a text-only email does not cut it. Here’s what I mean . . .

    Smart marketers know that nothing converts better than emails that look like plain text emails but also have HTML capability for being able to track open rates and also do small things like boldface and italicize, etc.

    That’s because anything with a template looks like something commercialized or salesy, like a four-color postcard you get in your regular mail that you immediately recognize as junk mail.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but this new editor does not allow me to create an email without a template. Even if I create an email and eliminate all the template-y options, it CENTERS all the text and my end-user gets that commercialized template feeling nonetheless.

    Yes, I could use the plain text version, but then I could not track the open rate and I could not do things to the font like boldface it, etc.

    This is a classic case of fixing something that wasn’t broken. It’s the tech version of “New Coke.” It’s all good, though, if you keep the old editor available.

  14. Bob

    6/2/2012 8:14 pm

    Just chiming in with another plea to at least leave the option of using the old follow up and broadcast editors. Using plain text is not the same as using an HTML email that mimics the plain text, which is very easy to do in the old editor.

    In the new editor, attempts to do the simplest thing – make an HTML email that just looks like a plain text email but has tracking and everything – become incredibly difficult. The spacing is off. The email is centering itself with no way to put it back to normal.

    Simply leave the option to use the old editor and you will save us all a lot of trouble. Thank you.

  15. Jason

    6/5/2012 3:01 am

    The new editor SUCKS HARDCORE!

    I’ve been trying to set a welcome email for the last 15 MINS, it usally takes about 1 min to copy paste.

  16. Amanda Gagnon

    6/6/2012 8:29 am

    Hi guys, we hear you. Here are instructions to create a blank HTML email template: https://www.aweber.com/faq/questions/621/. Note: they’re very easy, so hopefully that answers the main concern.

  17. Billy

    6/6/2012 8:41 am

    Amanda, thanks, but when I tried that it CENTERED my email, leaving huge gutters of white space up and down the email on both sides.

    Is there a way to get the email to look normal, flush left, like every other normal text email?

    Thanks for your help.

    Regardless, please keep the option to use the old editor up there!!!

  18. Amanda Gagnon

    6/6/2012 8:44 am

    Billy, try clicking into the text of your message and using the toolbar at the top of the editor to select the “left-align” option. If that doesn’t work, give us a call!

  19. Amanda Gagnon

    6/7/2012 8:44 am

    Bob, Billy, Daniel and Linda – We heard you, and there’s now a completely plain HTML template in your accounts – in addition to the option of creating plain-text-only emails.

  20. Billy

    6/7/2012 9:18 am

    Amanda, thanks for that. Is that the “Plain” template?

    I just tried it and I can’t figure out how to create an email without it being centered. No matter what I do, it centers the text, leaving huge gulleys of white space down the left and right sides.

    Is there a way to send an email with that template that places the text flush left like a regular email?

    Thanks for your help.

  21. Amanda Gagnon

    6/7/2012 9:26 am

    Billy, yes, it’s the “plain” template. The text is, by default, flush left. Have you highlighted the text and then clicked the align-left button (fourth from the right in the editing toolbar)? If so, please call 877-293-2371 and we’ll straighten it out.

  22. Adam Rafferty

    6/12/2012 7:52 am

    I just saw this last comment about the plain template. Whew.

    Thanks! But…

    You guys REALLY REALLY REALLY need to make this more obvious.

    I am an web designer and php, perl guy and I have spent 2 hours trying to do a SIMPLE text, left justified email with a video still that is a link (impossible in text.)

    Insane to have to learn and relearn tools all over again, always dumber and dumber. We ain’t stupid!

    I know someone took pride in the creation of this editor – but PLEASE – listen to customers for OUR feedback. Don’t tell us it’s good when we tell you what we need!

    I’d make a VERY obvious blog post & broadcast email if I were you – to let people know about the PLAIN template.

    Also – thank you for having it!

    I’m pissed and relieved too πŸ™‚


  23. Gregg Pettitt

    6/14/2012 2:20 pm

    Instead of spending all your time and resources trying to get us to accept and use your new editor, why don’t you just leave us the option of using the old editor if we want, I never asked for a revised editor and don’t like or want to have to learn a new system.
    This new garbage is creating a learning curve and cutting into time I should be using to improve/expand my marketing.
    The idea of an auto responder is to reduce my time spent marketing, not increase it.
    Be a good business and listen to your customers.. give us the option of the old system so we can conserve our time and not have to send these email requests and fumble with this clunky/confusing thing

  24. Amanda Gagnon

    6/15/2012 8:10 am

    Gregory, yes, you have that option. Click the link that says, “Looking for the previous editor?” directly under the “create a new broadcast button.”

    That said, the new system isn’t anything to learn; it’s literally dragging and dropping paragraphs, headlines and pictures in place, then typing in what you want. We totally agree that you need your time free to market; that’s actually why we created it. Faster editing, and intuitive to use.

    Have a nice day.

  25. Tom

    6/25/2012 7:15 am

    I hope you’re not planning on taking away the old editor. I just spent over an hour trying to get my email to align properly in the new editor before giving up in frustration. Switched back to the old one and was done in 2 minutes.

  26. DN

    6/27/2012 4:19 am

    AWeber I think you should listen to your customers! I’m not sure your hearing the message in the emails:

    When you write: “That said, the new system isn’t anything to learn… We totally agree that you need your time free to market; that’s actually why we created it. Faster editing, and intuitive to use.”

    Sigh πŸ™ not getting through…

    old editor = good idea, simple and it works

    new editor = bad idea, its complicated

    I truly hope you will PERMANENTLY keep the old editor in place, or risk losing many of your existing clients.


  27. Amanda Gagnon

    6/27/2012 8:20 am


    Thanks for expressing your concern. The new editor was designed so users with no tech experience could just drag and drop elements in place, then type in their text. Try watching the (very short) video on how it works, and if you have any specific requests for making it easier to use, please feel free to share them.

  28. DN

    6/27/2012 12:01 pm

    Hey Amanda,

    Thanx for your reply – change isn’t always a good thing. All the people want here is for you to leave the old editor PERMANENTLY in place. I think myself and the other contributors, were quite clear on that point.

    I appluade the concept of trying to make the editor more user friendly – which obviously it is not. Many of us are quite capable and web savvy and don’t need the fancy drag and drop features, with template pieces chopped up all over hte place. We just need the simplicity of the old editor – cut and paste the entire template and be setup and running in five minutes.

    The new editor is bug ridden and breaks html apart, the same html htat works fine on the old editor.

    I just made my request to keep the old editor permanently in place. Can you give us a gaurantee on that point? Thanx for your time!


  29. Amanda Gagnon

    6/27/2012 12:36 pm

    Hi DN,

    What I can say is that the old editor will stay in place until we are satisfied that the new editor is as user-friendly as possible. Now, in terms of cutting and pasting templates, you can certainly use the “copy” button on the broadcasts page to achieve the same thing, and just tweak your copy for the new email. Even faster.

  30. Tom Nunamaker

    7/9/2012 7:02 pm

    I really don’t like this new editor. The old one was very straightforward. I’ve been writing code and HTML/CSS for over 15 years and I really don’t need your templates. I want a simple tool.. that you’ve taken away.

    I thought we could still use the old one but I just went to create a broadcast message and the old one is no where to be found.

    You should give US the option of which one to use… make it something we set in our profile…


  31. Tom Nunamaker

    7/9/2012 7:08 pm

    OK.. I just found another reason this new editor is unsatisfactory. I added code with a header graphic and an alt and title tags. The plaint text autogenerator incorrectly thinks I want to put this above my message copy.

    I don’t.

    I only want that graphic in the HTML view…but I can’t hand edit the plain text version that’s autogenerated.

    C’mon.. give us a useful tool that I have enough control with to do EXACTLY what I want with the HTML AND Plain Text version.

    That sounds like the old editor to me…

  32. Wilfred

    7/9/2012 7:43 pm

    There is a saying that goes like this: if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. The old editor wasn’t broken. Now it has become unusable after attempt to ‘fix it’.

    “What I can say is that the old editor will stay in place until we are satisfied that the new editor is as user-friendly as possible. ”

    The implication is that the old editor will eventually go away. The new editor at its core is unusable. Making it user-friendly would require another revamp. I prefer to concentrate on my own business than to waste time learning and relearning.

    I use Aweber’s autoresponder because I want to outsource everything except my genius. Now, it appears I have to reconsider that.

    Guys, the long-term solution is to host the autoresponder at your own server.

  33. Amanda Gagnon

    7/10/2012 8:42 am

    Tom, You can still use the old editor. Underneath the “create a new html message” and “create a split test” buttons, you’ll see a blue link that reads “Looking for the previous editor?” That’s where you want to click.

    As far as editing the plain text version, on the bottom left of the editor, you should see a line that says “plain text is being auto-generated.” Turn that option off, then click the link to “customize.”

    Wilfred, There were, in fact, many aspects of the old editor that needed improving, so we did so according to customer requests. That’s what the new editor is. It’s actually designed to be as intuitive as possible so you shouldn’t have to relearn much at all. If you can point out anything specific about the new editor that’s unusable, please do so, so we can address any problems. Thanks.

  34. Tom Nunamaker

    7/10/2012 8:49 am

    That’s not quite accurate. I have multiple AWeber accounts and I sent a broadcast last night and that link to the old editor wasn’t there. It is there on another account but it’s not uniform for all accounts… something you might want to check πŸ™‚

  35. Crystal Gouldey

    7/10/2012 2:20 pm

    Tom, the link should be available in all accounts. If the link is still not there, or you encounter the problem again, please contact our customer support team so we can resolve the issue for you.

  36. Liz Williams

    11/29/2012 8:34 pm

    Wow, people really didn’t like the new editor at first, did they? I’ve been with aweber since 2007, but didn’t use it much until recently. I found the old editor unsatisfactory and prefer the new one. It works more like other things I do on the web. I too send emails that are all text don’t look “salesy” or commercial. I use the plain template and I only use the Paragraph button. I found that using all the other buttons added spaces I didn’t want and were unnecessary for my needs. Now that I can add images (without using the article button, I hope), I can’t imagine needing anything else.

  37. Ethan Moore

    4/16/2013 9:56 pm

    I think the struggle that those above were talking about with the message being left-aligned is that they wanted the entire body left-aligned. As it is, the body is centered with a fixed width, and you can left-align within that.

    Given that people are more accustomed to reading emails that are not only left-aligned within the body, but where the body itself was left-aligned, I am relatively confident that should be an option, if not the default.

    As it is, I’m not particularly happy that I have to hard-code my emails in DreamWeaver just to make the body of my message left-aligned.

  38. Amanda Gagnon

    4/19/2013 8:46 am

    Ethan, Thanks for bringing that up. We did design the editor to accommodate the most popular use cases. I’ll pass along your suggestion to our developers, but want to make sure you do know that you can always click the arrow next to the “New HTML Message” button to write your email in HTML, instead of having to use Dreamweaver.

    Liz, Yes, you can definitely add images without adding a full article. As for the extra spaces, different email clients display them as different amounts of padding, so you may want to send a few test copies to see if other buttons might work for you after all. Either way, thanks for the feedback!

  39. Glenn

    6/11/2013 9:44 pm

    I just tried to add a new message to one of my email lists, and have no clue how to do it. This new system is horrible. I tried for 30 minutes, and got nowhere.

    The old system should have been left as the default, and people that want a new system, can choose to use it.

    This is not good. A system I can’t use. Get Response is starting to look good right now.

    Amanda is not listening to us. I will be moving on, since I can’t make heads or tails of this hodge podge system they have designed. I loved the old system.

    I tried going back to the old system, but it is not the same as it was, and I still could not load a new message.

  40. Crystal Gouldey

    6/12/2013 7:28 am

    Hi Glenn – If you look near the upper right corner of your account there is a big green button to create a new message (for both Broadcast and Follow Up pages). You’ll also see it on the home page! Next to the button is an arrow for a drop down where you can choose to use the old message editor.

    The only thing different about using the old message editor is if you schedule a message, it will automatically put it in the queue. If you’re not ready for the message to be queued, just save it as is, do your testing or updates as needed, then schedule it when you’re ready.

  41. Roberto

    6/26/2013 11:43 am

    Hey I just wasted 30 minutes trying to find the previous editor!! Why hiding it?? It took me a while to find out I had to click the rightmost corner of the green button to see the options. This was frustrating and a complete waste of time!

  42. Andrew

    7/5/2013 6:49 am

    If ever a company shot themselves squarely in the foot with a new software release, this is it !!

    No user acceptance testing went on here before it was launched – otherwise you’d never have put it out. Looks like a geek designed it – really sorry to be so blunt.

    Please bring back the old editor or I will immediately find another autoresponder – really !


  43. Crystal Gouldey

    7/5/2013 10:20 am

    Andrew – You do still have access to the old editor. The green “Create” button in the upper right corner has a drop down arrow that lets you select the old message editor.

    We do perform user experience testing here and many have found the new editor much easier. We do appreciate your feedback, though.

  44. Scott

    7/14/2013 8:37 pm

    Just a couple of suggestions:

    (1) Please let us adjust the line spacing in the drag and drop editor. Some of the fonts look pretty “squished” and not terribly attractive.

    (2) Please add more popular fonts for email marketing, e.g. it’s a shame that Helvetica Neue isn’t offered.


  45. Sam

    7/25/2013 8:31 pm

    To align your messages left simply click templates – “plain – center align” (default)- click the option square under it for “plain – left align”

  46. Kathy Hadley

    7/31/2013 4:05 pm

    I want the old editor back. I can’t even list out ALL of the advantages of the old over this new one.

    I always swore by aweber but I think I might have to change.

    The only problem is that all the others services have the same dumbed done versions that actually make it harder for everyone to use and the people it was made for STILL don’t understand.

    Today, no matter how many times I’m trying to do some very simple changes to one followup email, it keeps hanging up and logging me out.

    Please, give me the option to go back to the old one.


  47. Rachel

    8/16/2013 2:54 am

    Where can I find this? You can still use the old editor. Underneath the ?create a new html message? and ?create a split test? buttons, you?ll see a blue link that reads ?Looking for the previous editor?? That?s where you want to click.

  48. Chris

    6/19/2014 3:23 pm

    New editor is a pain, FAIL… and I don’t see how to access the old one via my autoresponders, help!

  49. Jen

    6/19/2014 3:24 pm

    Getting a wrap around text pic is difficult…

  50. Lee

    6/19/2014 3:25 pm

    I don’t see where to have aweber host the pics, is that for new accounts only? I have the older version of aweber.