Three New Apps That Build Repeat Business

If you run an e-commerce store, you may be familiar with some of our shopping cart integrations, like PayPal and Google Checkout.

These integrations allow customers who purchase from you to opt into your email campaign when they check out with their purchase. We’ve added three more shopping cart integrations and have advice to help you use them to grow your business and your email campaign.

E-Commerce Integrations

Email is a powerful tool for following up with your customers after a purchase, especially as many consumers already expect email communications from companies after purchasing something online.

Our integrations with 2Checkout and Magento make it easy to add customers as new subscribers when they buy from you. After linking the services to your AWeber account, your customers will have the option to sign up for your email list to get updates from your store.

Adding customers to your list through these shopping cart integrations grows your business several ways:

  • It keeps you in front of your customers. The next time they want to buy something, they’ll remember you first!
  • It makes sending updates easy. Are you running a store-wide sale? Or offering limited-time shipping discounts? There are a number of reasons to keep your customers in the loop about your online store. Adding them to your email list when they buy from you makes it that much easier to stay in touch with important updates.
  • It helps you upsell products based on what your customers buy. You can add people to a different list based on the product they buy from you to make it easier to suggest related products for them to buy. If a customer buys kitchen gadgets from you, add them to a list that upsells cookbooks and aprons. The hard work is done for you once they opt in.

Event Sales Integration

Email is the perfect tool to market your event as it draws closer. Keep attendees up to date on important changes and bring in more sales by adding attendees to your mailing list.

By integrating your AWeber account with Eventbrite, you can give attendees the option to sign up for email updates and more:

  • Keep attendees updated with important announcements. Send out broadcast messages with any big changes or announcements that your ticket holders need to know about.
  • Upsell attendees on other upcoming events. You can set up Eventbrite to add ticket buyers to a special list for the event, then set up an automation rule to add them to an additional list that markets other upcoming events your attendees might be interested in.
  • Follow up after the event is over. When your event is over, email a survey to all your attendees to get their feedback on how it went and areas you can improve for your next event.

How Do You Follow Up?

Do you follow up with your customers after a purchase? How do you plan to make these integrations work for you?


  1. Umya

    8/23/2012 1:47 pm

    I am happy user of aweber for some time now but badly need integration for sugarCRM. Is there any API which we can utilize to code this ourselves or are you already working on it? Thanks,

  2. Adem

    8/23/2012 7:37 pm

    I was also going to ask about being provided with an API so I can integrate it with my WordPress e-commerce site. Have you made one available?

  3. Justin Premick

    8/29/2012 12:43 pm

    Adem and Umya,

    Yes, our API is available and open – you can learn more at

  4. Tony Milano

    8/30/2012 1:05 pm

    Good Stuff Rebekah.

    I’ll be giving the 2Checkout integration a spin.

    Thanks for Sharing,
    Tony Milano

  5. Jenny

    9/9/2012 4:41 am

    Thanks for the useful post and making API available for everyone. I will be checking it out and would refer it to my freind too.

  6. Liam

    9/25/2012 3:37 am

    Great article!!! These are best shopping cart integrations. Right now we are familiar with 2checkout and Eventbrite. Both are working out well. These info would definitely be useful for your visitors. Thanks for sharing.