Scholarship Opportunity: Teens On Communication

We’re constantly pushing to be on the edge of upcoming technology and upcoming trends. So we have an active interest in upcoming generations.

We want to help them get where they’re headed. We also want to know what they think – especially about email and other communication technologies. So we’re offering a scholarship.

What We’re Trying To Foster

Technology is developing the world over at quantum speed, it would seem. As it does, communication evolves. These are important issues that impact all of us.

Every generation has its share of bright, creative minds. We want to encourage these minds to think critically about these developments, and to perhaps even spark interest in related fields.

“There is a reason that advertisers use more than one medium to promote their products. They know that different messages are best communicated in different ways to different audiences. It is the combined effect of those media that has the greatest impact.” Emily Duncan, 2011 winner

What We Hope To Discover

Today’s teens have grown up in a different world than older generations. Their perspective on communication is going to impact the future of communication technology. And, like we said, we like to be aware of what’s coming up – and of course, share the information here.

To that end, scholarship applicants will answer:

1. How have communication tools and habits changed from your parents’ generation, compared to yours? Has this been a positive, negative or neutral change, and why?

2. How do you think communication tools and habits will change for your children? Will this be a positive, negative or neutral change, and why?

When asked about losing her favorite communication channel: “While my favorite social network would be lost, my world within it would not. Losing contact with people who are similar to me would not negate their existence; I would simply have to try harder to find them in my own small universe.” Kaylyn Fox, 2012 winner

So Share This With College-Bound Friends

All outside-the-box, change-the-round-hole-to-fit-the-square-peg thinkers are encouraged to apply. If you know any of those, let them know.

Fill Out the Application

Get The Word Out

Now, Let’s Have Some Fun

We’ll find out what teens think when we get their applications in, but for now, how do you think we’ll communicate 50 years in the future?

Here, we’ll go first.

We think we’ll read emails on a Matrix-style projection, and we’ll send them with a swish of our fingers.

Your turn.


  1. Randall Magwood

    2/10/2013 12:30 am

    I predict 50 years from now we’ll have the ability to communicate through telepathy, and eye glasses will come equipped with all of the information that you would need to know about someone that you are talking to. I’m a quantum physics guy… these are my thoughts lol.

  2. Amanda Gagnon

    2/12/2013 10:36 am

    Sounds like a Facebook version of Google Goggles!

  3. TS

    2/13/2013 5:58 pm

    Yeah, but when do we get the Star Trek teleporters?