Poor Richard’s Almanac for Email Marketers

Ben Franklin wasn’t exactly a marketer; but he was many other things.

He was one of America’s founding fathers, and the dude sure was pithy with his business advice. So here we have some bits of his wisdom, passed down from his Poor Richard’s Almanacs and show you how they can help you grow your business.

Here are our favorite Poor Richard-isms. Don’t market without them.

“You May Talk Too Much About the Best of Subjects”

21st-century translation: “Too much of a good thing is still too much”

The product you’re offering, for sure, is a good thing. But consider that your subscribers have everything else in their lives to think about – so while they may enjoy hearing from you on occasion, make sure you’re not sending too often.

“Have You Somewhat To Do Tomorrow, Do It Today”

21st-century translation: “Get your work done early, if you can”

Want to write a series of emails over the next few weeks? Write as many you can before quitting time today. You’ll be thankful tomorrow that it’s already done, and you’ll connect with subscribers that much sooner.

The best part about getting these emails done is that you can create them as autoresponders. Then, your work of connecting with future new subscribers will already be finished.

“Eat To Live, And Not Live to Eat”

21st-century translation: “Don’t mix up your ends with your means”

Don’t create a business to send emails and assume the emails will bring in profits. Send emails to support a business already in existence.

It may seem like common sense, but it’s important to make sure you’re not building a campaign without something to sell. You wouldn’t rent a billboard and expect it to make you money without anything to advertise on it, would you? Email marketing works the same way.

“When ‘Tis Fair, Be Sure To Take Your Great Coat With You”

21st-century translation: “Be prepared ahead of time” before you put a web form on your site or a sign up form in your store.

“What You Would Seem To Be, Be Really”

21st-century translation: “Be upfront about what you have to offer”

Say what you have, have what you say and fulfill your promises made.

In your campaign, this means setting correct expectations at sign up, avoiding misleading subject lines and delivering any sign up incentives you promised.

For subscribers to buy from you, they need to feel they can depend on you. Take every chance you can do demonstrate your dependability.

“Luck Is Where Preparation Meets Opportunity”

21st-century translation: “Success never happens by chance; you make it happen.”

This quote is saying that there is no such thing as luck. Luck is really just being prepared and taking advantage of good opportunities when you find them.

Similarly, just because you have a web form on your site or subscribers on your list, that doesn’t mean money will just start rolling in.

You have to be prepared with a product that people want, a solid business plan and content that people want to read.

Then take advantage of opportunities by really connecting with your audience on social networks, through your blog, at networking events and in your neighborhood, and talk up your mailing list at every opportunity to help it grow.

“No Man E’er Was Glorious, Who Was Not Laborious”

21st-century translation: “Success requires hard work”

To grow a business, work is required. Granted, it doesn’t have to be much, if you use your AWeber-made web form, pre-designed email template, drag-and-drop editor and autoresponder system.

But you do have to put some initial work in. You’ll actually get most of it done by following the Getting Started Guide to get your campaign set up.

And on that note, our favorite maxim of all:

“The Sleeping Fox Catches No Poultry. Up! Up!”

21st-century translation: “Let’s get going, already!”

The wisest of Poor Richard’s tips, as far as businesses are concerned, this one reminds us that none of the above can have any merit if we don’t get to work and start applying them!

So if you haven’t downloaded that Getting Started Guide, do so now, and if you have, make a note of the next marketing step you want to take.

And remember, Poor Richard would have you do it today.