Tools To Market Your Business On Facebook – At Low Or No Cost

Facebook is rolling out another new feature for business owners – Facebook Gifts.

Facebook Gifts is part of a powerful suite of tools that lets you reach not only your current fans – but also their networks. Getting exposed to friends of your fans can extend your reach by up to 34 times more than if you market to your fans alone.

Here are four tools that can help you get better reach on Facebook – and better publicity for your business – at little to no cost.

Facebook Gifts

Facebook Gifts allows users to purchase actual, physical gifts from retailers and have them shipped directly to their friends. Users can purchase gifts for friends’ birthdays, holidays or other special occasions.

How It Extends Your Reach
The receiver gets notified about the gift with a post on his or her Timeline – with a huge photo of the product and the store it came from. This means that instead of reaching just one person, you get exposure to the person who bought the gift, the person who got the gift, and the friends of both of those people. And they all get to see your goods.

Facebook collects a percentage of sales made from Gifts, but you get exposure to two people’s networks, which is pretty impressive reach.

Sign up for Facebook Gifts

Facebook Offers

Facebook Offers are sales, discounts, coupons or other specials offered by a business on their Facebook Page.

Fans of your page can claim an offer by clicking on it. The offer gets emailed to the fan, who can use it in your store or follow instructions to use it on your site.

How It Extends Your Reach
Facebook released statistics showing that for the most popular offers claimed, 3/4 of those claims came from friends of the fans who the offer originally targeted.

Facebook Offers have a viral nature. When fans claim your offer, the offer posts to their newsfeeds where all of their friends can see it. And when one of their friends claims the offer too, your brand gets exposed to a whole new network of people.

Facebook Offers requires you to set a minimum advertising budget of $5, but you can get some impressive exposure for your buck.

Set up Facebook Offers.

Facebook Social Plugins

“Like” and “Share” buttons for websites have been around for a few years now. If you don’t have them on your own site yet, they’re an easy – and free! – way to reach your visitors’ network of friends.

In fact, if your goal is more traffic and more time spent browsing your site, Facebook’s social plugins are powerful tools to add to your marketing arsenal.

How It Extends Your Reach
When a visitor “likes” an article on your website, that “like” gets published to their newsfeed for all their friends to see.

Other people who visit your site because a friend “liked” your article on Facebook spend 50% more time reading your content. They also click through twice as many pages on your site than if they had discovered you themselves.

Facebook’s social plugins are free and can get you even more exposure to the networks of people who already like your brand and your site.

Get Social Plugins for your website.

Facebook Targeting

This last tool is less about reaching more people and more about reaching the right people.

Facebook has robust targeting for pages that can help you reach the right people with the right message:

  • Target by location. Have a local store and a web store? Target your fans by location to talk about your in-store sales so your online buyers won’t feel alienated.
  • Target by gender. Sell products for both guys and girls? Target by gender to make sure you’re hyping the right products to the right people.
  • Target by interest. If you’re a concert venue with fans who like a certain band, target them directly with an announcement when the band is coming to town. Appeal directly to your followers’ interests to make a bigger impact.

How It Extends Your Reach
Targeting your emails to your readers’ likes and preferences can get them more interested in your campaign.

Targeting your Facebook posts directly to their personal interests can have the same effect on your Facebook marketing, making them “Like” and comment on your statuses more, which gets that activity showing up in their friends’ newsfeeds more often.

Set up Facebook Targeting.

Make The Most Of Facebook

Facebook’s tools will help your page get better reach, spreading awareness of your brand farther than you could before. But that’s not all you can do with Facebook. Carry those connections back to your email campaign for even more ways to build your audience.

Visit our quick guide on using Facebook with your email campaign or tell us in the comments here about your favorite ways to market on Facebook.


  1. Randall Magwood

    1/8/2013 12:23 am

    Great tips for marketing on Facebook. I will implement them in my online business right away. I know about Facebook targeting, and this is a great tool for reaching the right prospects.

  2. David kapalu

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    Excellent tips. This is high profile Facebook Marketing Information that would cost one a fortune if sought from an Online Marketing Consultant! I’ll endeavor to apply these tools in my facebook marketing efforts on my pages. This is really eye opening information on how to use facebook marketing for little to no cost at all! I knew some of these tactics but not all of them. Thanks for the info.

  3. seb

    1/9/2013 3:29 am

    I didn’t knew about facebook gifts and facebook offers.
    these 2 tools are really great, especially if like me, you’re launching a social network consulting agency for small businesses. there are always new features you must learn to stay at the top.
    and the Aweber blog is one of the best ressource you can find on tha WW Web to stay aware of everything that can help small businesses to market online.
    THANKS for sharing.

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