March 2014 Integrations Roundup: LeadPages, Geckoboard, LiveAgent

This month, we’re featuring apps you can use to grow

This month, we’re featuring apps you can use to grow your lists and leads, manage list activity in customer support scenarios, and build a beautiful custom dashboard with analytics from your account.

Ready to dive into the details?


LeadPages does just what the name implies: helps you easily create and edit mobile-friendly, fast-loading web pages and forms to generate more leads.

From there, you can integrate those pages and forms with WordPress, Facebook or your own site with just a few clicks. No coding or design skills required.

How does LeadPages work with AWeber?

Simply put, the AWeber-LeadPages integration automagically adds subscriber info from your various LeadPages forms to your AWeber lists, so you can take all of those new opt ins who saw your video, or want to get your ebook or premium content, and funnel them right into your specific email lists.

From there, you can continue building the relationship with content, relevant marketing and sales offers, special updates — whatever business goals your email program supports.

Connecting LeadPages to AWeber can be done in minutes, as this quick demo shows:

Want to try it out?

LeadPages offers two account levels, Standard and Pro, which adds features like enhanced support, A/B split testing and advanced formatting options, as well as access to their affiliate program.

In lieu of a free trial option, LeadPages offers a 30-Day money back guarantee.

Learn more and sign up at

Then, use our step-by-step guide to connect AWeber to LeadPages.


Looking for a powerful dashboard tool? Look no further.

Geckoboard gathers key metrics from multiple services to create a sharp, concise dashboard.

The widgets supported include data from: CRM, Email, Infrastructure, Project Management, Sales, Finance, Social Media and Web Analytics. (Guess which one’s our favorite.)

How does Geckoboard work with AWeber?

With the AWeber-Geckoboard integration, you can add widgets to your Geckoboard dashboard and see a variety of statistics for your broadcasts and subscribers, such as: Total Subscribers, Total Unsubscribes, Clicks, Sales Count and Value, and many more.

You can also display your list subscribers on a map and view your data sets alongside stats from other services.


Screenshot: Adding AWeber widgets to the Geckoboard custom dashboard

Want to try it out?

Geckoboard offers four plans, ranging from Personal to Enterprise, with more features and users available as you upgrade.

The AWeber widgets are available at all levels, and you can take a free trial for 30 days with no credit card needed. BONUS: Save 10% with coupon code “AWEBER12OFF” valid through 5/27/14.

Learn more and sign up at

Then, use our step-by-step guide to connect AWeber to Geckoboard.


LiveAgent is a multichannel helpdesk tool for customer support.

With LiveAgent, you can manage support via email, voice, live chat, Facebook, Twitter, contact forms and forums. All within one pretty cool interface that’s not only loaded with functionality, but it’s also mobile friendly.

How does LiveAgent work with AWeber?

The AWeber-LiveAgent integration can assist your efforts in a couple ways.

First, while you’re managing a support ticket, you can see which AWeber email list(s) your client subscribes to, in the ticket sidebar.

Plus, you can also subscribe or unsubscribe them from specific lists with just one click. (Subscriptions must be confirmed by the contact.)


Screenshot: View AWeber list status in your LiveAgent sidebar

Want to try it out?

LiveAgent offers three plans, Basic, Professional and Ultimate, with a growing list of features as you upgrade. The AWeber integration is available with any level.

You can try LiveAgent on a 14-day free trial, with no credit card required. BONUS: LiveAgent is offering 10% off a downloadable license for the first 100 customers using the “LA-45K2D47CVF” special code.

Learn more and sign up at

Then, use our step-by-step guide to connect AWeber to LiveAgent.

Even More Apps (And More On The Way)

We love to help boost your marketing efforts by integrating with the apps and services you use.

Let us know in the comments which integrations you’re currently using, how they’re working for you, and which apps you’d like to see. And look for the next roundup in a few weeks.

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  1. Ivan Widjaya

    3/11/2014 9:36 pm

    Really great tools you have here. I want to try Leadpages to see what it can do. I want to test how well it converts. If it’s any good, I’ll let you know.

  2. Marcus

    3/17/2014 12:43 am

    Great to hear that you’re integrating with Gekkoboard – we’ve got one up in our office, and have had to do feed / CSV exports to display our client’s Aweber data.

    I also thought you may be interested to know that we’ve said some very nice things about Aweber over on our blog this past week 🙂

    🙂 Marcus

  3. Brandon Olson

    3/18/2014 10:18 am

    Hi Marcus. Thanks for your comment. I checked out your blog post and it looks like our pricing is inaccurate on your post. You can view our pricing here:

    – Brandon

  4. mark

    3/19/2014 5:26 pm

    Ironic that one of the best features of leadpages (Lead Links) doesn’t work with Aweber.

    Any chance of you looking at why this is and maybe finding a way of making it work like it does with most other ESP’s?

  5. Randall Magwood

    3/29/2014 9:12 pm

    Nice to see that you guys integrate with these 3 tools… Leadpages in particular. Thanks for the quick tutorial.