How Consumers Are Shopping For The 2013 Holidays

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Shoppers crowded outside automatic doors, their puffs of cold breath in the frosty air, as always. But that might have been the only thing that remained the same for this year’s Thanksgiving weekend shopping.

Several retailers opened early, offline merchants capitalized on Cyber Monday and even the sales figures broke with tradition:

Black Friday
Total Black Friday revenue fell 13.2% from 2012 figures. Even so, NBC News reported that US online sales rose 17.3% on Black Friday due to the 59 million Americans who shopped e-stores.

Cyber Monday
In contrast, total Cyber Monday revenue rose 17.5% year-over-year. Part of this was due to e-stores smashing records for sales in a single day at $2.29 billion, 16% more than last year.

(And a note on mobile.)
Incidentally, Cyber Monday mobile sales increased by 55.4% from 2012. Time to step into mobile marketing?

So Here’s What To Do In December

Tip #1: Send Those Online Offers. They’re Essential.

Online shopping is a bigger deal than ever, and if your store’s online as well as your offers, you have an even bigger advantage.

And start now. We fully support spending the holidays with family, friends and festivities, so we recommend setting up those offers ASAP and scheduling them for later (here’s how).

Tip #2: Promote Gift-ables. Also Promote Self Gift-ables

Turns out, 76% of Thanksgiving weekend shoppers were shopping for themselves as well as their giftees. So keep that in mind and hit your customers up with a self-gift sales pitch. ‘Tis the season.

Tip #3: Reconsider Relying On Gift Cards

Gift cards and gift codes have been popular last-minute shopping solutions in the past. But Pam Goodfellow, consumer insights expert, reported that gift card purchases Thanksgiving weekend were down 9.2% from last year.

So for the December holidays, consider: What can you offer that would make a more personal gift than a generic gift card? And how else can you solve last-minute shopping needs?

And Send Those Offers As Soon As You Can

Now that the planned shopping sprees of Thanksgiving weekend are over, the hustle and bustle of holiday celebrations have set in. People need to instantly search and order gifts. They need door-to-door delivery. And they want it for free. (Free Shipping Day is the 18th. Hint, hint.)

With your site ready and store ready, go send an email offer. It’s your month to make sales.

(If you still need to get your site and emails ready, you can get them up and perfected in 5 hours – here’s the (free!) walkthrough.)

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