Improved Shopping Cart Integration

Improved Shopping Cart Integration

As you may already know, AWeber integrates with a number of shopping carts and third-party services to help you deliver bulk email marketing campaigns to your customers more efficiently (why is this important?).

We do this using a tool known as an email parser, which works by extracting subscriber information from incoming emails to your campaign’s email address.

In response to your feedback, we recently made integrating AWeber with other services easier by making the parser more intuitive and incorporating setup instructions more effectively.

Here’s an example of how you can use this to integrate your email marketing campaigns with a shopping cart.

Integrate AWeber With a Shopping Cart

For this example, let’s integrate AWeber and Kagi, a popular shopping cart service.

In your account, head to the Email Parser page:

Email Parser Page

There, find the checkbox for Kagi and click it:

Kagi Parser

When you do, the parser will become active, and a link to instructions on how to set up the rest of the integration in your Kagi account appears:

Integrate Kagi Instructions

One More Example – With Additional Fields

Some shopping carts include additional information in their notification emails, such as the name of the product purchased, or the price paid.

If you’re using a service that offers this, we can capture that additional information as well. You can then use this information to segment subscribers and deliver more targeted email campaigns.

Here’s an example using PayDotCom – after you enable the parser, we ask you if you want to capture that other information:

PayDotCom Extra Fields
Click to see full-size

If you tell us to, we’ll store that other information with your subscriber records. If not, no big deal – we’ll just store name and email.

What Services Does AWeber Integrate With?

We currently integrate with over 30 different services.

Here are just a few (links go to instructions in our Knowledge Base on how to integrate):

1ShoppingCart 2Checkout Clickbank Fantasos e-junkie
Google Checkout Gurus Kagi KickStartCart PayDotCom PayPal
Practice Pay PremiumWebCart StormPay Professional Cart Solutions Regsoft SecureNetShop
Ultracart Verisign PayFlowPro Volusion WorldPay Yahoo! Shopping Cart  

More integration instructions.

Want To Integrate With Another Service?

Get in touch with us and let us know about it!