How Your Baby Booty Integrates AWeber and Unbounce

You may have heard about the Unbounce app, which was introduced some time ago. For those that were already using Unbounce, this was great news.

But for those that were not familiar with Unbounce, and perhaps maybe still not, it may not be as obvious why this is so awesome. How do real people use Unbounce? Why do they want to integrate the two?

We talked to an AWeber customer who’s actively using both our service and Unbounce to get some answers. Sarah Blight, who owns Your Baby Booty, shed light on the four key reasons Unbounce and AWeber are a match made in heaven.

1. Even the “Non-techies” Can Use Them

“It’s very easy to use the two services, they blend seamlessly which is super reassuring, especially for the non-techie web people like myself.”- Sarah

At AWeber, we work hard to make sure that it’s easy to use our service. We offer hundreds of articles in the Knowledge Base, free webinars, templates and a Setup Wizard to walk you through getting your account set up.

Unbounce has the same goal. They offer plenty of templates for your site, 1-click A/B split testing, and instructional videos. In 5 simple steps, you can integrate Unbounce with the AWeber service. Once that’s set up, visitors that enter their information in the Unbounce form will be added to your AWeber list.

Both services are hosted online, so there’s no need to download or install anything.

2. They Help You Get Started

“Unbounce is amazingly user friendly. For a non-website person who has created a website (haha), it’s super easy to use, saves us a lot of time and money. The customer support is also really great.

AWeber helps us communicate with [our subscribers], drive traffic to our site, and gives us a good idea of what people click on within our messages.” -Sarah

Using the easy, non-techie friendly interface, Your Baby Booty has set up two Unbounce landing pages:

(Click to view website)

These pages contain clear calls for action and forms to sign up to the mailing list. Both are great pages to start growing an email list and customer base.

When the customers are moved to your AWeber list, you can begin marketing to them. The follow up messages can be set up to welcome the new subscriber and provide any necessary information, and then you can continue creating and sending emails to the subscriber as long as they remain subscribed.

Both services have excellent customer support available to help you get started as well.

3. …and Can Teach Old Dogs New Tricks

But these services aren’t just meant for starting out. When Sarah gets further into her email campaign, she may realize that there are some things she wants to optimize.

For example, maybe she has noticed that her conversion rate is low on the website. Unbounce can help optimize the sign up process, attracting more visitors to become subscribers. Tests can be set up for anything from the offer to the button to find out what brings in more conversions.

She might also want to boost subscriber click-through rates in her emails. AWeber can then be used to optimize the interaction with subscribers after sign up. Split tests can be set up for broadcast messages to test what works. Popular tests include changes to the subject line, design, header and footer and links.

Both services have regular blog posts with new tips to keep your marketing fresh.

4. They Provide Thorough Statistics

When you’re ready to start testing, you’ll want to look at stats you already have and see what you can learn from them. Unbounce provides detailed stats about visits and conversions:

AWeber shows message opens, clicks and can even track purchases:

For example, Unbounce can show that the Your Baby Booty site has about 100 visitors per day with 22 converting to subscribers. Of those 22 subscribers, AWeber reports 18 confirmed to be on the mailing list, with an 88% open rate for the first message and 40% clicking on links back to the website.

Both services offer easy-to-read graphs for the information being tracked.

Share What Other Integrations Work Well Together

We’ve learned from Sarah that Unbounce works great at helping get more subscribers for your AWeber list, but there are more integrations out there! What’s your favorite match for AWeber?


  1. James Clay

    1/17/2012 2:19 pm

    I have never heard of Unbounce app, I would like to know how could this help me in what I do, my website is my business, or may be it not for me
    James Clay

  2. Crystal Gouldey

    1/17/2012 4:31 pm

    This post talks about the Unbounce app. Check it out and you can see if it’s something that will work with your site.

  3. Liat Gat

    3/1/2012 1:42 pm

    I agree – it would have been useful to show what Unbounce does that AWeber doesn’t do… I don’t understand the need for unbounce also, in addition to AWeber.

  4. Teena

    3/1/2012 5:42 pm

    Hi Crystal – interesting article, but the one thing which wasn’t mentioned anywhere in your article is WHAT UNBOUNCE IS – OR DOES.

    I read the whole thing and I’m still scratching my head.

    My questions were, “Does it stop people from unsubscribing?”, “Does it offer a chance for people to learn more as they’re leaving a site?” … and I couldn’t work it out from anything in the article (apart from that it works well with Aweber).

    So I went to the Unbounce website to find out:

    Unbounce is a self-serve hosted service that provides marketers doing paid search, banner ads, email or social media marketing, the easiest way to create, publish & test promotion specific landing pages without the need for IT or developers.”

    Ahhhhh I think I get it now – it’s a service which allows you to easily create landing pages, and track the effectiveness of parts of those pages (for a monthly fee).

    OK – the article is starting to make sense now.