How a Store Can Keep Email Subscribers Engaged

Have you noticed that your subscriber engagement has decreased over time? Are you looking to get your online store more traffic from your email marketing campaign? With just a few changes you may be able to get back on track!

Inform Interiors is owned by Niels Bendtsen, and sells contemporary furniture online and in their Vancouver store. They have a fairly successful email campaign that they have managed with us for a couple years now. Even though their campaign has been a success overall, we couldn’t help but notice some small changes that could lead to even better results.

Read on to learn about how Inform Interiors use AWeber, what changes they made and the results they’ve seen.

Inform Interiors’ Email Campaign At A Glance

A page on the Inform Interiors site invites visitors to join the mailing list for invites to store and/or design events and information on sales and new product launches.

A few stats about their campaign:

  • Their broadcasts average a 51% unique open rate.
  • Their unique click through rate has averaged 18.5% this year, but this has been slowly decreasing over time.
  • The current average from the last few months has been about 13%.

They also note that whenever a broadcast is sent they see an increase in sales.

While overall Inform Interiors was happy with how their campaign was performing, they recognized that there is always room for improvement. We offered some suggestions to help with these areas.

Welcome New Subscribers

At our suggestion, Inform Interiors created a welcome email for their campaign. It allows new subscribers to check out what the past newsletters have looked like, plus it invites the subscriber to follow them on Twitter, Facebook and/or YouTube right away.

Their new welcome message gets an 84% open rate, and an 18% click through rate. Inform Interiors reports that their fans on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube continue to grow because of including the social media links at the bottom of all their messages, which account for 20% of the clicks. They’re also happy with 27% of the clicks going to their products page.

Calls to action in your messages, especially one of your first points of contact like the welcome message, will have your subscribers interacting with your site while you’re on their mind.

Segment The List to Create More Relevant Emails

Segmenting is useful because it allows you to send more relevant messages to your subscribers, since you can base the message on similar behavior such as a link that was clicked. They mentioned that relating the most relevant and desired information to their subscribers has been a challenge, so we explained how sending to segments can help that.

AWeber’s QuickStats feature helps make segmenting even easier. There is a button right on the page that allows you to set up a segment to send to.

Inform Interiors has been sending to segments that have clicked on a specific link in a previous Broadcast.

These segments have averaged a 74% open rate, and they believe the segments also cause increased sales since they average a 24% click through rate.

These messages get more opens and click throughs than the more general broadcasts sent to all subscribers. Since they know subscribers are interested in a particular topic by what the subscriber clicked on, following up with more information lets the subscriber know you are paying attention to what they want.

How Else Can Inform Improve?

More web forms on their site should bring in more subscribers that they will interact with at the beginning with the welcome message, and continue to interact with through Broadcast messages relevant to subscriber behavior.

While Inform Interiors mainly segments based on links clicked, there are other options as well:

  • Segment based on location– One goal they said they had was to increase their reach, since most of the subscribers are local to the Vancouver area. Sending to subscribers outside the area would increase interaction, and they could even provide a coupon for subscribers that refer business to them.
  • Segment based on purchases- AWeber email analytics allows you to track who makes a purchase. You can then send to a segment based on criteria such as amount spent, products bought, or simply if the order was placed online. Sending online coupons would encourage those outside of Vancouver to buy.

What suggestions do you have for Inform Interiors’ email marketing campaigns? What tactics do you employ in your own campaigns that could be adapted for their business?


  1. James

    3/31/2011 10:11 am

    Looks like you’re missing a link to view the full message under the “Welcome New Subscribers” heading.

    Other than that interesting blog. The ongoing question of keeping subscribers interested.

    Seems to be more important now that according to a recent survey by Foresee Results promotional emails account for the 2nd highest influence for website visits with 19%.

  2. Don

    3/31/2011 10:55 am

    The idea of segmenting a list sound really interesting.
    An example on how to do that would be really helpful to me.
    I find it really annoying getting promotions on a product I have already purchased

  3. James

    3/31/2011 11:45 am

    QUick fix on the link issue there.
    By the way 1st on the survey was Familiarity with brand with 38%
    Search engine results came in a distant 3rd with only 8%

  4. AbgferOz

    4/3/2011 10:02 am

    Thanks for da great tips and info1

  5. Crystal Gouldey

    4/5/2011 1:34 pm

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Don- AWeber offers sales tracking so you can see who has purchased and who hasn’t. You can use this information to send messages to segments based on their activity!

  6. TonyS

    4/9/2011 10:44 am

    I’ve always liked the idea of , and used, a Welcome Letter but had not considered including the capability to stay in touch via Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. That’s simple and obvious now that you’ve mentioned it. It’s a great idea.

  7. ndoko

    4/12/2011 3:49 am

    thanks for great tips and info.