6 Ways To Grow Your Etsy Shop With Email

If you run an Etsy shop – or several – marketing with an email newsletter might seem daunting. But there are two reasons to jump in and start emailing anyway:


It can bring you more sales – and then, more sales – and over time, even more sales.

How can a newsletter do that? Well, here’s what sending regular emails can do for you:

Turn One-Time Shoppers Into Regulars

If someone finds your shop on Etsy and makes a purchase, then never hears from you again, you’re basically leaving their repeat business on the table.

They may never buy again, because they just won’t think to. Regular communication, especially interesting, helpful communication, reminds them you’re an option.

You can, of course, do the same with social media posts, but because emails can be longer, you can share more value through them – and they’re guaranteed to be seen instead of lost in a long news feed.

“The best way to create happy, loyal customers is to continue demonstrating your value beyond the life of the purchase. By following up with regular emails that solve your customers’ problems, they’ll be chomping at the bit to purchase your next item.”
Jennifer Wilson of Create More Media

Earn Loyal Fans

Email subscribers can be your VIP club to shower with exclusive deals and gifts. This way, you can foster sales and provide great customer experiences without breaking the bank.

“We only offer discounts and specials to our newsletter subscribers. We are as generous as possible with [them], both in terms of free offers and in terms of newsletter content.

“We give them a free shipping coupon upon sign up and we provide monthly specials and treats only for them, plus we regularly generate content of interest to them. We change it up regularly, to keep things interesting and so subscribers are intrigued to open our emails.”
Shannon Durfy of Bumbershoot Designs

Get Others To Support Your Shop

As you send emails to your customers over time, their appreciation of your brand will grow, leading to word-of-mouth recommendations. Some of them will tell their friends to buy from you; others will share your products on Facebook, still others may forward those emails to others. You’ll go from fighting hard for every sale to enjoying the sales your community is bringing you.

“I just recently started email marketing and so far is has allowed me to reach my customers that are truly interested in my life, my shop updates, and any exciting promotions or giveaways I have going on.

If you try to rely on Etsy traffic alone, you may miss out on creating relationships with your customers that will ultimately help your business grow.”
-Jessica Angel of Oh So Antsy

Create A Powerful Brand Legend

Are you a pair of twins? Do you use reclaimed materials you’ve scavenged yourself? What’s your brand’s story?

Your buyers want to be part of a good story. They want to give gifts with bragging rights. And more and more, they want to support small businesses and local artisans.

You can share your story with your customers with follow up messages (aka autoresponders) they’ll get immediately after they purchase.

“I try to add interesting stuff to my emails, make them fun, perhaps something to look forward to. The emails offer another connection to my customers where they can get to know me better. I’m excited to have Aweber involved with Etsy so I can easily integrate my fabric art into my marketing campaigns. I don’t bombard my customers with emails, but I do send enough so they remember my art.”
-J.K. Dooley of J.K. Dooley Art

Bring In Other Audiences

Advertise the scale of the newsletter to attract strong interviewees or features. They’re featured, so they’ll share your newsletter with their readers. Bam, more subscribers. And they’ll agree to be interviewed for the same reason.

Tip: Don’t interview sellers who sell the exact same thing, or you’ll just split customers. find something related,, or your subscribers won’t be interested. for ex, if you sell vintage handbags, interview someone who sells vintage scarves.

“My best advice is that you keep building, every day. Build your email list, your customer base, your exposure, your reputation and your inventory. Each brick you lay is one step closer to more freedom and better quality of life.

“You can leap out of bed everyday, excited for what’s in store! Have faith in yourself, and invest in your vision.”
-Lisa Jacobs of Energy Shop Jewelry and

Protect Your Budget

Email is remarkably more effective than other marketing methods.

The stats show it: for every $1 invested in email marketing, businesses make $40.56 in sales.

And Etsy sellers tell it:

“I’ve tried paid advertising in magazines and didn’t feel that it was worth the expense. (Not just for Etsy, of course, but also my online classes and such – some of which are delivered by AWeber!”
– Cathy Johnson of CathyJohnson.info

Knock Marketing Off Your List – Fast

Remember, while occasional reminders that your shop exists, coupled with some helpful content, can significantly increase your sales, they don’t have to significantly increase your working hours.

If you deliver them week after week, or month after month, with content that customers find interesting and helpful, they’ll be more likely to listen to you when you have a product or service to promote, or one that you developed yourself.

“When you’re first starting, don’t let yourself get overwhelmed when thinking about writing a big fancy newsletter. Just write like you’re jotting down a short note to one person. Add in a couple snazzy pics of your newest products. Link to your shop. (People tend to click on pictures.)

“And send it. Don’t get caught up in being perfectly edited. It’s ok to show you’re human. In fact, I find people prefer human over perfect.”
Laura Crist of Jane Wear Jewelry

And To Make It Even Faster, Get The App

If you have an Etsy shop, the best way to follow up with emails is through the Etsy-AWeber app.


It automatically invites every customer to subscribe to your emails when they purchase,


It lets you drag listings from your shop directly into the emails (see the above image).

To say nothing of the 2 Etsy-themed templates in the email template gallery you can drag those listings into.

If you don’t have it yet, now is a good time to:

Install the App Get AWeber To Use The App



  1. Randall Magwood

    1/22/2013 11:31 am

    Great tips for integrating email marketing with Etsy. I personally think alot of these ideas can be used for Ebay and Amazon… and even on your own website depending on what you sell.

  2. sanchit

    1/24/2013 1:56 am

    Hello Aweber,
    Really a good tips,To Grow Your Etsy Shop With Email is very effective way and by the email many people can see the products and purchase them. Email is an effective way because all the regular user visit their mail and if there is any attractive offer mostly they purchase the products.
    these 6 tips are very nice.

  3. John

    1/27/2013 3:28 am

    It is actually 1/10 times cheaper to convert your existing customer to revenue then gaining a new customer. That’s why, it is very important to communicate back and forth with your existing customers to keep them updated about your products and offers. Great post!

  4. Ruth Walther

    1/27/2013 9:12 pm

    Awesome advise. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. J

    3/1/2013 4:25 am

    I personally blast the emails of my company from a “Do Not Reply” address. I think it helps in keeping the process clean and effective.

  6. EIB

    10/2/2013 4:40 pm

    Great tips for Etsy. I have a client who uses that so this will definitely be useful. Email marketing is the perfect addition to any business and is a great way to up-sell clients!