1. Ali Mese

    9/5/2013 11:41 am

    Modern Retro is the new black and what works best in fall is to keep minimal and plain look. Great report.

  2. Deni.S

    9/6/2013 7:13 am

    How about clean flat? Is that actually loved by people or it just a trend?

  3. Randall Magwood

    9/7/2013 8:34 pm

    “Mix & Match Style” is my favorite. So warm and inviting. Customizing a campaign around this trend should definitely boost response.

  4. Charles

    9/23/2013 4:05 am

    I agree, ‘mix and match’ style is super awesome. Marketing is very necessary to make people know about your products. It should be according to the market trends and the customers. Marketing through internet, mails etc has become common and effective way these days. đŸ™‚