Two Ways Facebook Graph Search Can Help Your Business

Facebook’s new Graph Search can make your business’s Facebook page easier to find – and get you more visibility.

But that’s only one function Graph Search can serve for your business.

Graph Search can also give you fun and surprising insights about the likes and tastes of your customers, which you can use to make your business and your marketing better. Read on to see how you can use results from your own graph searches.

Help With Market Research

Mashable ran an article featuring 10 different “eye-opening” Graph searches. Their searching was all in fun, but raises an interesting point: in some cases, Graph Search could be handy for demographic research.

Want to open a restaurant in Florida your guy friends would really dig? Use Graph Search to find the kinds of restaurants liked by men in Florida in the same age range as your friends.

Should your band play a show in Roanoke, VA? Do a Graph Search for “music liked by people who live in Roanoke, Virginia” to see if their tastes line up with your genre.

There are plenty of directions to take your searches.

Be aware that Graph Search results can’t replace serious data about your customers or your target market. It’s a fun place to start your research and might show you some patterns and connections you hadn’t considered before, but it’s more for fun than hard results.

Not all Facebook users “like” pages because they genuinely reflect their tastes. Lots of brands run contests that require “liking” the page to enter. Plenty of Facebook users don’t undo these “likes” after the contest ends.

While some “likes” will really reflect your followers’ tastes, a lot of them won’t. Keep that in mind as you’re investigating your customers’ tastes.

Finding Fun Content Ideas

Content marketing works because people like things that interest them more than reading a straight sales pitch.

But content marketing takes some creative energy – creative energy you might not always be feeling. Enter Graph Search.

From blog posts to themes for your email newsletter to fun stuff to post on your social networks, Graph Search can give you some insight into what your audiences likes – and might like reading about.

What are the most popular movies among people who like your page? What music do they listen to? What other local business pages do they like? What are their top 4 interests? With information like this, you could:

  • Write a blog post in the style of the main character from their favorite movies.
  • Share a Spotify playlist with some of their favorite songs or artists.
  • Get together with owners of other local businesses your Facebook fans like and plan a joint event. You can post the event on Facebook, Tweet about it, announce it on your blog and in your emails…
  • Educate them about your business in a fun way by drawing parallels with their favorite books or films.
  • Make your own Facebook memes using your customers’ interests. Run a caption contest: “What would this movie character say about our business?” or something similar.

These searches can spark some fun content ideas for Facebook, your blog and your emails that you might not have considered on your own – content ideas that could get a lot of response from your audience.

How Useful Is Graph Search For Your Business?

What do you think? Could Facebook Graph Search actually help you learn about your audience, or is it just for entertainment?

Will you use Graph Search for fun content ideas? Or will you stick to other methods for getting insight about your audience?


  1. Michael Albany

    3/8/2013 5:31 pm

    I will be honest. With the new graph search, the pay to promote, Timeline, etc. The chances are that I will be looking into other methods to advertise my business. Perhaps I will do more on Google+, twitter or some other type of social media.

    Facebook is spending too much time trying to capitalize on it’s 1 billion users and not enough to keep them, let alone keep them happy.

    From a business view (and personal in my case) I think that Facebook has jumped the shark here. They have been revving the engine for a while but either this or it’s next change in this direction will be the end. I honestly don’t know anyone looking for an alternative to FB. If anything else comes along FB will die a quick and painful death.

    One last comment. I personally don’t want Google or FB or anyone else filtering my content on what they THINK I might like, especially based on what my friends like. Almost everyone I know likes seafood, I hate it. But if all my friends rave about a seafood restaurant I am going to get recommendations for seafood restaurants. I don’t want Google deciding what I should see in regards to news or anything else. What if I want to research the other sides opinion? Do you know how hard it is to get truly relevant information when doing research? Everything is slanted to what these sites Think I want to see. Wrong. This is not improving this user’s experience, it is killing it.

    In short, everyone should stop telling me what they think I want. Let me, and my clients, decide what we want.

  2. Randall Magwood

    3/25/2013 12:17 am

    I like this new piece of technology. Anything facebook can do to minimize my hard market research… i’m all for it.