#EmailChat Recap: What to Write In Your Emails

It happens to the best of us: You sit down at your computer, ready to compose your next email… and all you can do is stare at a blank screen for what seems like hours.

Don’t let writer’s block get in the way of sending your next great email! Take a cue from our guest Tweeters for content ideas you can start sending today:

1. Publish a great blog post recently? Share it with your subscribers!


  • Recent blog posts – email is perfect for getting more life out of your content @KristenWritesIt
  • Mostly text and links… Sometimes pictures and graphics… @AgentPalmer

2. Get inspiration from other really good emails.


  • I’m on TONS of email lists, from big brands like @katespadeny to content marketers like @jay_zo. All provide inspiration! @missmontesa
  • I subscribe to lots of email lists to see what others are doing – never know when it might spark an idea. @BrandonSonofOle

3. You can measure the efficacy of your content. Here’s how.


  • I ‘test’ by split testing continuously. Measure through my desired goal (open, click, buy, opt in, etc.) @JuanVLopez
  • Measure it, quantitatively with open rates, click through rates, etc. And qualitatively – ask readers if they get value! @LemonLimePie
  • Nothing beats 1:1 engagements. If subscribers are compelled to reach out to me, or comment on my site, that was good content. @tnrt

4. Writing for email can be challenging…


  • For me, brevity. I get passionate about things, and then my writing gets real long-winded and wispy. Kind of like this tweet. @tnrt
  • Balancing what you want to share with what your subscribers want to get. @AgentPalmer
  • For me it’s finding time to write. Sometimes I use my iPhone transcription feature while driving. @BrandonSonOfOle

5. But you can overcome it.


  • The key to overcoming writer’s block: Write, edit, repeat. @missmontesa
  • Ask your coworkers for tips, write “lists” @openmoves
  • Write freely, edit ruthlessly! Don’t spend time editing as you write. Just write whatever comes to mind. Edit later. @JuanVLopez

6. Sign up for these newsletters to get ideas straight to your inbox.


  • I admire the brands who are willing to make emails interactive. @BananaRepublic emails have been winning! @jskyles

7. If all else fails, keep these tips in mind.


  • The sooner you get started, the sooner you can improve & send even more awesome emails @KristenWritesIt
  • Make your email mobile-centric. Ask yourself, ‘Would I open this email?’. Personalize. Be human. Have clear CTA. @JuanVLopez
  • Find other people that love to write and talk with them, share ideas, and build a community. It really inspires your writing. @emwillits


Missed out? No worries! Join us next Thursday, January 14 at noon ET for our next chat. We’ll be talking Email Analytics!

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