#EmailChat Recap: Pairing Email and Social Media Marketing

In this week’s #emailchat, we discussed the ways email marketers are leveraging social media to help grow their list and build their brand. Here’s our top 7 tips (tweeted by you) for a winning email and social strategy.

Another week, another AWesome #emailchat!

Yesterday, we discussed the ways you’re pairing social media with your email marketing efforts, covering everything from tools and platforms to content strategy and tips for growing your list. ICYMI, here are your top 7 trends for a winning email and social strategy:

1. You’re using social to drive traffic and awareness to your signup form.


  • I use social to drive traffic to my site (which hosts my main content.) Contextual optin forms do the rest! @tnrt
  • Adding a sign up form to your FB page is an awesome way to promote your list on social. @krisasaurus
  • Using social to promote incentives and giveaways in return for their email work wonders! @kelseypaone


2. Your biggest challenge is getting your followers to see the value of your emails.


  • Getting each individual invested enough to want to see more of you. @JeromyABailey
  • Convincing them there is added content in subscribing that they aren’t already getting on social… @AgentPalmer
  • Getting their attention. Incentives definitely work, but nothing beats some well-designed social-optimized visuals. @tnrt


3. Twitter is your social platform of choice, but you’re open to up-and-coming platforms, too.


  • Twitter has been the most effective at building relationships. @AgentPalmer
  • Twitter and Instagram! You can really show off your brand’s personality in both tone and imagery. @kelseypaone
  • Twitter continues 2 be an awesome space 4 developing new partnerships. Love @periscopeco 4 giving brands live TV! @LeavURImge2FDP
  • I’m all about @blab right now. It’s the best way to interact with real people in real time. Made some great connections. @tnrt


4. You’re using social contest apps to grow your email list.


  • If you wanna grow your list with a contest, try @heyo. Or use @tryinteract for a quiz! Both sync with social & your ESP. @missmontesa
  • @heyo is perfect for creating FB contests & driving entrants to your email list! @krisasaurus

And some of you are not.


(Psst… It’s ok. We’ve got you covered with our App Showcase.)

5. You like to give your followers a sneak peek at what to expect in your emails.


  • Tease your best content & tell your social followers to sign up if they want to see more! @krisasaurus
  • I’ve actually been writing @Medium articles and giving extra thoughts on the articles in the email list. @JeromyABailey


6. You gave props to brands who are winning the email/social game.


  • I love the way @glossier features social content from fans in their emails! @missmontesa
  • @jcrew @everlane @madewell1937 and @glossier do a really good job of being consistent on all their channels – including email. @oliviadello
  • You guys? Doh! @jwrigley1 (Ed. note: Aw, shucks!)


7. You stressed the importance of showing value to both your email and social audiences.


  • Added value… Build community, and don’t play them both as the same… Make it special… @AgentPalmer
  • Identity the right audience, including potential ambassadors/influencers. @Wee_Wan
  • Offer free stuff! Promote similar goals. Add value. Create community! @JeromyABailey

Thanks to all who joined in! We’re taking a break next week (enjoy the holiday!), but we’ll be back on Twitter on Thursday, December 31 at 12pm ET to discuss our email marketing resolutions.

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