How To Create Newsletters For Your Membership Site

So you’ve got a members-only part of your site that

So you’ve got a members-only part of your site that you set up through MemberMouse or Premise. And you want to send a robust email campaign to your members.

Some membership platforms come with basic email options. But if you want more than that, keep reading.

Here’s How To Tie An Email Campaign In With Your Site Memberships:

MemberMouse and Premise let you send basic transactional emails – purchase confirmations, resetting passwords, sending a basic welcome message.

Adding your members to an email campaign lets you send them way more information to enhance their experience. Think upselling, class materials, members-only newsletters or secret discounts.

Plus, AWeber has a ton of pre-designed email templates you can use to catch your readers’ eyes.

What Emails Can You Send To Make Your Membership Site Stronger?

Emails can supplement your offerings on the members-only area of your site. If you’re running an e-course, you might want to email special extra videos or a study guide to your members.

You can use an email campaign to reward your members, too. Send discount codes for other products you sell. If you have different membership levels, you might want to invite people on a lower level to join a higher level at a temporary discount.

Did you consider that an email campaign could be your entire paid membership? Run a members-only e-course or grant access to a special newsletter with discounts and coupons not available to your regular site visitors.

How Do I Tie Them Together?

It’s super simple to add emails to your membership site. AWeber has apps that connect with MemberMouse and Premise that automatically invite new members to join your email list.

Set up the apps in your AWeber account and you’re good to go! You’ll be able to select a certain list to add new members to so you can send their special emails just to them.

Have a membership site but no AWeber account? Not a problem. Sign up here and try us out for 30 days free and get your membership emails rolling!


  1. Randall Magwood

    6/26/2013 9:58 pm

    I like the idea of running a members only e-course that can be made as a “special paid” email newsletter. I’ve seen a guy do this one time, and he’s still doing it. Goes to show how effective it can be. Is it only text emails that we can send out to members who sign up through a MemberMouse or Premise membership site?

  2. Ben Vang

    6/27/2013 5:15 pm

    Is it really necessary for members to reconfirm their being on the mailing list when they have already signed up as a member and their email address is being parsed to our Aweber list?
    We seem to loose people on the way as they don’t think it necessary to confirm when they have already signed up as member?

  3. Mulyadi Kurnia

    6/28/2013 9:30 pm

    Even though I haven’t thought of how to go about setting up membership site, or the type of products to offer, at least, this article makes me aware of this option. Thank you.

  4. Michelle

    2/17/2014 8:27 pm

    Ben Vang – it’s absolutely essential for people to confirm they have signed up. There is no way to tell if they entered the information themselves or if someone else put in their email details to either be helpful or as a joke on them. The only way you can ensure the person who gets the newsletter/emails is the person who put their details into the form, is by them having to confirm they did.