Education in Email: Learn From These Schools’ Emails

When you hear email marketing, what kind of businesses do you think of? Stores that sell products to you? Professional offices that sell their service? What about schools?

Maybe marketing and schools don’t appear to go hand in hand like some other businesses, but they actually do, especially colleges and private schools. How else do these schools get your business?

As is their nature, schools have a thing or two to teach us, but this time it’s about effective marketing strategies. Don’t take our word for it? Check out these AWeber customers.

Florida Christian College: Build the Relationship

The president of this college reaches out to students in a personable way. He’s got a friendly photo, addresses students directly and shares information he finds important.

Lesson: Assure your subscribers that you’re easy to reach, be personal and welcome communication.

Cabrini College: Create a Community

Cabrini sends out links to the student-run school newspaper. Students, alumni, teachers, parents and members of the community can all read what’s going on around campus.

Lesson: Build your community by inviting people to your social networks and blog.

College of Westchester: Provide Resources

What do college kids need? Money. How can they get money? Jobs. The College of Westchester hooks kids up with local stores in the area so they can start paying off those student loans.

Lesson: Think about what your subscribers need and provide resources for them to get it.

University of Cincinnati: Share Interesting Topics

Some of the nursing students at this university study gerontology at the Center for Aging with Dignity. It looks like the University offers email subscriptions to students studying at this location so they can provide material the students will find interesting.

Lesson: Keep your subscribers updated on current news in your industry.

American College of Sports Medicine: Help Out

ACSM sends out tips to subscribers seeking their certification. Students are given information on popular topics, links to events and other helpful information.

Lesson: Send personalized emails with FAQs and advice for your subscribers regarding your product or service.

Homework: Apply These Lessons

No matter what field you’re in, you should work towards building a relationship with your subscribers, creating a community, providing resources, sharing interesting topics and helping subscribers in any way you can. Which do you do in your campaign? How does it translate in your emails?


  1. Soumitra Ghotikar

    12/2/2011 8:41 am

    I am an admin at my daughter’s school group. I have formed a Fan Page + publishing a newsletter , for the parents to become aware of the great activities the group is doing. It also helps in getting donations to the NGO.

  2. Tina

    2/21/2012 9:35 pm

    This is interesting but how to get the first few subscriber to sign up my email course? Could you please shade some light on that? I am interested in a series of Organic Chemistry course teaching for BS students.
    Thanks a lot

  3. Crystal Gouldey

    2/22/2012 10:37 am

    Tina – You can put a web form up on your website or Facebook page so interested students can enter their information to get your course. You can also collect email addresses offline and import them into your account as long as they requested your information.

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