Customer Spotlight – Nikki, In Stitches

A couple months ago, we put together an awesome Etsy integration, and in that vein, we wanted to find an Etsy shop owner to talk a little about Etsy, email and small business.

We recently sat down with Nikki McGonigal, owner and operator of Nikki, In Stitches. Nikki runs an Etsy shop selling her handmade crafts, as well as a blog and an entire online course dedicated to teaching people the craft of, well, crafting.

Stitching Together An Email Marketing Campaign

Check out the interview below as we sit down with Nikki to talk crafts, email and more!

Check out Nikki’s Etsy shop, as well as her blog — and don’t forget to sign up to her online classes!

After this interview, Nikki told a story she’s letting us share with you about which of her sign up forms brought in 1375% more subscribers. That’s right, 1375%. We’ve seen the stats. The stats glow. Here it is.

Do You Have Any Stories You’d Like To Share?

Do you have any cool stories that you’d like to share about your business in email? Tell us about it. Who knows, you could be the next one featured as an AWeber Customer Spotlight!


  1. Pedro

    2/28/2013 2:33 pm

    Hi Nikki,

    Very, very good testimony, with your simple words you’ve changed my vision of the email marketing service advantages.

    Hope you share more with us soon.

    Thank you,


  2. Davina

    2/28/2013 3:23 pm

    I think it is a great idea to showcase small one-man(or in this case woman)band businesses.
    I can identify with Nikki as I enjoy craft and I know from my business that there is quite a bit of admin work involved in running a business. On top of that Nikki does the teaching and also makes the various craft projects.
    She seems very organised and focused on what she is doing and where she wants to go. I enjoyed the interview. Thank you for taking part Nikki.

  3. Aigars

    2/28/2013 3:35 pm

    Thats a great story like the energy and honesty.. good luck all the best.

  4. Maria Peagler

    2/28/2013 5:48 pm

    Thanks Jason for this great video. Many of my clients use Etsy and don’t understand how they can stand out. I recommend email marketing to all of my clients and even recommended it in a webinar I did today about Driving Sales Using Social Media.

    I’ll be sharing your video on my FB page. Thanks again!

  5. John

    3/1/2013 12:54 am

    Thank you Nikki, for providing such a useful information about email marketing. I agree with u now a days email marketing plays the vital role in any form of business.

  6. Nikki McGonigal

    3/4/2013 10:20 am

    Thanks, everyone!
    So happy my advice has helped so many of you.
    Email marketing has been one of the biggest reasons what started out as my free blog has grown into a profitable business, but most importantly, it has helped me create a community that I love being a part of.

  7. rishi

    3/5/2013 11:29 pm

    Awesome video! I liked what she said about Pop-Ups…”This is a business”

  8. Randall Magwood

    3/31/2013 1:17 pm

    Congrats on the publicity Nikki. You are obviously a true internet marketer, email marketing, and excellent businesswoman. I wish you more success.