Core Values: Our Blueprint for Success

Since Sean last posted about our Core Values on AWeber’s ten year anniversary, a lot has changed.

Among other things, we moved into a brand new office, hired even more talented individuals, focused on giving back and worked hard to foster a sense of true community at work through various events and opportunities for recognition of jobs well done.

Yet even though AWeber is constantly evolving, one thing remains the same: our Core Values define the AWeber family. Only they’ve changed a little too, so we want to share them with you and give AWeber employees the chance to explain why they really sum up what makes AWeber an awesome place to work.

AWeber’s Core Values

  1. Foster Respect and Cooperation.
  2. Listen to What People Say About Us. Invite Feedback.
  3. Learn. Educate. Innovate.
  4. Don’t Take Ourselves Too Seriously; Have Fun.
  5. Create Remarkable Experiences.

Foster Respect and Cooperation

As we grow, it’s important for us to retain the family feel we’ve had since day one. That being said, fostering respect and cooperation isn’t a requirement, it’s simply a product of our environment. We recognize the importance of working together and believe every opinion should be heard.

Paul Jacobsen

“Regardless of your position here, everybody is treated equally and anybody is easily approachable, much like the Golden Rule. Everybody here follows this particular value naturally. When you work with people that example this, it sets a comfortable environment and tasks get done more efficiently and productively.”

Jay Moore

“Knowing that I can depend on my fellow team members allows us to work as a more cohesive unit; a shining example of cooperation.”

Bill Eshbach

“After many years, I came to the realization I don’t know it all. I don’t have all of the answers. As a result, I have to ask others for input…and without cooperation, I would be an island. I am not. And, no one should be.”

Listen to What People Say About Us. Invite Feedback.

We value the opinion of each and every person who uses our service and we rely on your suggestions to provide the type of service that you need and want.

Karl Holman

“While we can’t accommodate every request, at least we can continually encourage our customers to speak out. Of course, while the compliments are better and far outweigh the complaints or suggestions, all forms of feedback should not only be encouraged, but also welcomed as valuable learning tools and blueprints for our future success.”

Robert Murphy

“I feel that the greatest value to a customer is acknowledging that they are as much part of the organization as I am.”

Feedback can also come from interested and engaged employees. Input from team members is incredibly valuable and an instrument of our success.

Chris Hoover

“I implement this by listening to our co-workers. As I talk with them about my ideas, or about ideas/issues they are dealing with, I try to encourage and foster discussion on these issues. As the issues and ideas are fleshed out, I try to see where/how I can help implement the solution in our databases.”

Learn. Educate. Innovate.

Learning and development are also key components of our company. We not only strive to educate customers, but continually seek new and informative sources for our own knowledge.

Dan Deming

“When managing one of the development teams here at AWeber, I always keep in mind the proverb that ends ‘Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’. When another team member here asks me a question, I will not only give him the answer, but point out how he could have located the answer himself using the resources available to him. I view the many different types of questions that are escalated to me from the different departments I interact with as an education opportunity and am always pleasantly surprised at everyone’s willingness to learn.”

Lindsay Valente

“This Core Value means a lot to me personally because I believe that education is extremely important in the success of our company, our customers, and each individual AWeber team member. I find personal success in educating people and giving them the tools they need to execute their goals.”

Ethan McCreadie

“I remember, when I was a child, hearing adults say that they had never stopped learning, and not believing them. If you keep learning, I wondered, why are we only required to go to school until twelfth grade? Now I get it though. One of the things I love about working here is that in exploring new and potential technologies, I am constantly learning.”

Don’t Take Ourselves Too Seriously; Have Fun.

There’s never a shortage of fun at the AWeber HQ. Team members create so many opportunities to enjoy themselves while at work. From Tuesday Star Trek Club to intense Magic: The Gathering games at lunch, there’s always something to get into.

Tracey Churray

“We always manage to have fun at work. Right now, the Customer Solutions Department is playing Bingo by completing every day tasks – just to make it fun.”

Erin Carney

“If people can smile, laugh at, or just be entertained by anything I do, I’m happy. And if all else fails, it’s never too late to break out the radio and start a dance party!”

Kelly Madden

“Working in such an open company allows us to be ourselves and show some of our unique aspects that make us, us. We play hard, but we work even harder. Not everyday is a smooth day here, but what I do know is that I leave with a smile each day. We are able to lift spirits, which in turn allows us to help customers in a friendly, positive manner. When you work for a company that wants you to have fun, that shows us that we are valued as not only employees, but as people.”

Create Remarkable Experiences

Because we do have fun at work, we are able to give the best support possible to over 100,000 customers. Our enthusiasm helps us provide remarkable experiences beyond what they might expect or even hope for, which is our favorite challenge.

Jordan Bernstein

“By helping keep our systems running smoothly, and ensuring the systems in our office and data center are running well, my team is able to make everyone’s experience better and in turn get the job done more efficiently. Of course, only when everything’s working right!!! But that’s why we do what we do…the ultimate goal to reach exceedingly higher levels of service and reliability, which in turn results in a better experience for both customers and employees.”

Ben Krein

“The world of a SysAdmin is all about dealing with computers & networking – makes it hard to relate to experiences. But then, that’s kind of how we do make remarkable experiences: we keep things working so people don’t have to think about it (at least that’s our goal). The remarkable experience we offer others is one of reliability and confidence in the tools they need to use everyday. And if something does break, we offer the knowledge and time to make it right.”

Jeff Spencer

“To me, I guess it means going the extra distance in order to ensure that a customer has a positive experience with us. By positive experience, I don’t just mean solving the issue that that particular customer contacted us about, but also making sure that they receive quick, competent, and friendly assistance that they normally would not receive elsewhere. The truth is that pretty much everyone who works here is remarkable and remarkable people will always create remarkable experiences.”

Understanding What We’re All About

AWeber Team

Our dedication to providing amazing service has been solid since day one, but without a strong team, AWeber would not be the incredible company that it is today. We continue to progress as a forward thinking company because we constantly reevaluate our Core Values.

Each one of us has a copy within arm’s reach that serves as an everyday reminder that we are a unique company. We want everyone who interacts with us to feel our commitment to their individual success, and we hope that hearing straight from some of these passionate employees gives you a better idea of how things work here at AWeber!

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  1. Nathan

    5/9/2011 12:26 pm

    Remember I came to you guys years ago when doing auto responders was a nightmare and you were strictly old school. Had to give up.

    But you are now easily the best I’ve been on, tremendously easy to use and lots of cool stuff.