Collecting Subscribers Is Easy As 123ContactForm

123ContactForm is a tool that lets you easily build complex mobile and web forms.

And now, with the new 123ContactForm app for AWeber, you can put a form on your site that doubles as both email sign up and contact form.

These forms aren’t just your average name-and-message contact forms. They offer flexible options that let your form gather exactly the information you need.

With 123ContactForm For AWeber, You Can:

  • Gather detailed user information in just a few clicks, collect and store file uploads of up to 10 GB.
  • Register attendees to events and limit the number of submissions to match the available number of seats.
  • Receive payments through order forms (with PayPal, Google Checkout and Authorize.Net) and give discount coupons.
  • Carry online surveys and make in-depth analysis of results.

You can also dive into the forms’ advance settings to customize the language, security options and so on. You can even create sub-users, manage their privileges and grant them permissions over forms in your account.

Remember, this all can happen at the same time you’re collecting subscribers, importing them directly into your email marketing lists.

How to Get Set Up

Start by creating a form in 123ContactForm. Then, link your forms with AWeber in the Settings & Applications tab of your form’s menu.

You can also connect with the app from the “My Apps” tab in your AWeber account.

For more setup information, check out 123ContactForm’s Docs section.

This post was written in conjunction with Laura Moisei of 123ContactForm. You can read about tips and tricks for using 123’s forms on their blog.


  1. ES

    3/28/2012 6:48 pm

    They require you to upgrade to gold..

  2. Mick

    3/30/2012 4:54 am

    So is 1,2,3 Contact Form a downloadable tool or do I simply fill in the required information online ?

  3. Amanda Gagnon

    4/4/2012 2:15 pm

    It’s a separate service; everything is done online. You can see just how it works here:

  4. Sergio Felix

    4/12/2012 12:34 pm

    Hey Amanda,

    Definitely looks really cool but I’m about to buy Gravity Forms so I’ll stick with that, thank you! đŸ˜‰