AWeber + Eventbrite: Invite Event Attendees To Your Email List

Hosting events takes engagement with your audience one step further

Hosting events takes engagement with your audience one step further by allowing them to meet the people behind the brand while learning something new or having fun (or both). It’s a great way to keep your business on everyone’s mind. But what happens when the event is over?

In a perfect world, these attendees will be able to join your email list so you can share other aspects of your business. Thanks to the AWeber and Eventbrite integration, that’s now a reality.

The Eventbrite app will add your attendees to the AWeber list of your choice. We’re really excited about this integration, so we wanted to share the potential it has to help your business.

Why Businesses Should Use AWeber with Eventbrite

While Eventbrite helps keep your audience informed about upcoming events, you’ll want to keep your audience engaged with your business outside of the events you do as well.

To illustrate what we mean, check out this video:

Suggestions for Using AWeber with Eventbrite

No matter what industry you’re in, you can benefit from the AWeber and Eventbrite integration. Here are some ideas for you…


Want to run a fundraiser? Eventbrite is great for that! And once attendees are added to your email list, you can keep them updated by sharing:

  • How much money is raised throughout the month/year
  • Ideas and polls for future fundraising events
  • Other ways they can help your organization

Since attendees are clearly interested in your cause, chances are they’ll want to stay in touch.

Restaurants, Gyms and Other Go-To Businesses

If you have a business that people need to visit, events will be even easier for you. Whether it’s a free tasting night or an open house, it’s all about letting your community know your doors are open. Once they’re on your email list, you can share:

  • Special occasions and events held throughout the year
  • Membership discounts
  • Bring-a-friend incentives

After you get them in the door once you should focus on nurturing that relationship so it’s mutually beneficial.


Do you sell cool products you think people could use? Are some of your products new? You can hold a demonstrations showing off what your merchandise does and how it can help your audience. Get attendees on your email list and you can then:

  • Cross-sell with accessories that help the main product
  • Provide coupons and sale dates so people are eager to purchase
  • News about what’s in the pipeline for your business

If they’re interested enough to check out what your products are about, they’ll most likely continue to be interested in new developments in your industry.

Get Integrated Today

Ready to hook up your AWeber account with Eventbrite? You can follow these instructions.


  1. Andrew Woo

    9/19/2012 1:36 pm

    Does Aweber do events that they use Eventbrite for?

  2. Crystal Gouldey

    9/20/2012 7:29 am

    Andrew – yes, we do! We host workshops for our local customers.

  3. Shelby Currier

    10/16/2012 10:18 am

    I have a home based gourmet dog treat bakery, so how would I use Eventbrite for my home based gourmet dog bakery business ?

  4. Crystal Gouldey

    10/16/2012 2:15 pm

    Shelby – If you do anything like dog walking meetups or a pet lovers group, Eventbrite would be perfect for that. Eventbrite is a great tool to get the most out of the events you host, and if you haven’t hosted any events yet this is a great way to get started.

  5. Lisa Saline

    3/22/2013 6:26 am

    This is such a great addition for Aweber. I used Eventbrite for hosting local events like training, chamber networking, fundraisers, etc. Now it will be so easy to stay in touch with my connections before and after the event. Thank you Aweber.

  6. Shen

    9/26/2013 7:16 am

    Good addition to aweber.

  7. Lorena

    9/4/2014 12:21 am

    So, I guess that this tool is useful to keep in touch with those people (and potential clients), that are not yet in our lists. Is that right?