4 Tips to Mocialize Your Email Campaign

It’s 2012, email marketers, so time to get “mocial!” That hybrid between social and mobile marketing is becoming more than a buzz word these days. Top Internet marketers advise others to focus on integrating social media and email, get mobile friendly and, of course, continue to provide stellar content.

So, how do you plan to make your email marketing “mocial”-worthy?

Kipp Bodnar, Inbound Marketing Strategist at HubSpot and co-author of The B2B Social Media Book, has some tips on what steps you can take for your campaign.

LinkedIn and Rapportive Help Get You Connected

If you use Outlook, there is an app available through LinkedIn that shows you LinkedIn information for your email contacts, and gives you the ability to connect with your email contacts on LinkedIn.

If you use GMail, Rapportive works the same way, but you also see information from other social media platforms. AWeber has a Rapportive app that allows you to see what list your contacts are subscribed to in your AWeber account as well.

Here’s what the app looks like in action:

Connecting with your email subscribers on multiple levels helps build relationships. Kipp says, “Email is one of the most effective marketing tactics for B2B marketers to connect with prospects regularly and to share compelling offers to drive lead generation. Its effectiveness improves when it also leverages a company’s social media presence for both content and reach.”

Twitter Optimizes Email Subject Lines

It’s good to test out different email subject lines, but you don’t necessarily need to test them out via email. Tweeting out different options is a great way to learn what works. You don’t need to change the offer, just how you describe it and how you present it to your audience.

Kipp offers an example: Say you want to promote a new ebook on Six Sigma. “Master Six Sigma Now! Download our free guide” can be tested against “Free ebook: ‘Seven Steps to Six Sigma Mastery.'”

Mobile is the New PC

25% of Americans use only mobile devices to access the internet. By 2013, mobile phones are predicted to overtake PCs as the most common Web access device worldwide.

Kipp challenges marketers to ask themselves what they’re doing to be mobile friendly:

  • Have you looked at the emails you send on a mobile device?
  • Are your offers clear?
  • Do recipients know what to click on?

Here are some great resources to help you out with designing mobile friendly emails:

You might also want to check out Smashing Magazine’s “A User-Centered Approach to Web Design for Mobile Devices

But Don’t Forget About Content!

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Marketing great content will continue become more important; the better the content, the faster it will spread. Social Media Examiner and Coca-Cola both agree on this.

Hubspot found that businesses with more than 200 blog posts generated 3.5 times more leads than blogs with fewer than 20 posts.

To help you with your content strategy, download the free guide “The Keys to Killer Content.”


  1. BrianWillingham

    5/4/2012 1:26 am

    you got to try these tips using the features in aweber. growth of the mobile market has increase incredibly over the past couple of years and pc growth has slowed. there are more people using their smart mobile devices (phones and tablets) far more that their pc. so, if your are seriously wanting to increasing solid leads and positive conversion; then you better understand where the direction of the market is going.

  2. Debbie

    5/6/2012 12:55 pm

    I particularly liked your Twitter idea, Crystal. It is much less time consuming to optimize the subject lines in that way. Just experienced a light bulb moment. Thanks đŸ™‚