3 New List Building Apps You Need To Check Out Now


Have you noticed that nobody’s throwing around that “email is dead” expression anymore?

The value of a healthy, engaged email list should be obvious by now. Especially when you pair up email with social media. And there are new tools popping up all the time to help you grow those lists — including the three we’re featuring this month.

All three tools are ideal for online sellers and ecommerce site owners. Plus, not only do they plug directly into AWeber — they each offer a special discount code to help you try them out.

Check out our new apps-at-a-glance videos below to learn more, and use the special offers from our partners for faster, easier ways to grow your lists.

1. Justuno


Increase your social audience and email signups with Justuno. If you’re a marketer, publisher or have an ecommerce business, this tool will help you acquire more high-quality leads with promo codes.

Justuno works like social currency, allowing you to exchange promo codes and other incentives for social likes, shares, and email opt-ins. Discount buttons can be placed right on your site or social media pages, so you don’t have to worry about losing customers to abandoned carts.

Justuno features include:

  • Fully customizable promotional tabs and pop ups
  • Visitor segmentation and behavioral targeting
  • Helpful and reliable customer support

If you’re serious about lead generation, Justuno is a must-have in your digital marketing toolkit. The best part? All of your new leads automatically sync into your AWeber list. Sign up now and save 30% with the promo code AWEBER30.

2. MailMunch


To turn more visitors into loyal customers, consider MailMunch, a simple opt-in form generator and testing tool. This easy-to-use service gives you the power to create beautiful opt-in forms without knowing an inkling of code. And you can plug it right into your WordPress site or install the standalone version in about a minute.

Key features of MailMunch include:

  • Mobile Optimized Forms: Great looking forms on your desktop, mobile or tablet.
  • Page Level Targeting: Target specific pages with relevant opt-in forms.
  • A/B Testing: Eliminate the guesswork and adapt your forms to keep improving opt ins.
  • Entry/Exit Technology: Set specific rules for when the opt-in appears.


AWeber customers can get an exclusive 30% discount on annual subscriptions or for the first billing cycle of a monthly subscription using promo code AWEBER30 when you sign up for MailMunch here.

3. Coupon Pop by StoreYa


Are you using discounts and promo codes in your online marketing? Bet you’d love to dramatically grow your sales and customer lists by making those offers really stand out.

Boost your web store conversion rate, increase your fanbase and grow your list all at once with Coupon Pop. How?

Coupon Pop prompts your customers to enter their email into a pop-up form in exchange for your promo or discount code. Their email addresses are then collected and synced directly into your AWeber list.

Coupon Pop’s features include:

  • SEO: Get customers to visit more pages, and boost your sales.
  • Easy Customization: No design or coding skills needed.

With Coupon Pop, all your social activities can be imported directly into Facebook, keeping customers up-to-date on promotions. Sign up for your free trial and start converting leads into sales. AWeber customers get 25% off any plan with promo code Aweber@StoreYa25.

What Do You Think?

Last month, we featured the Top 10 email power tools for list-building. And if this isn’t your first app roundup, you’ll notice that these new videos are designed to give you a quick overview of what these apps do, how they’ll help you grow your business, and how easy it is to connect them to your AWeber account.

We’d love to hear your feedback on these new tools, the apps-at-a-glance videos, the apps you’re currently using or want to try, and other integrations you’d like to see.

Drop us a comment and let us know what you think!

Hunter Boyle contributed to this post.

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