1. rishi rank

    1/23/2014 12:26 pm

    Awesome informative article thanks for share.

  2. David Weightman

    1/27/2014 5:21 am

    As i was reading the whole posts, there’s a word that keeps running in my head, and that is – Mobile. As the word speak for itself, mobile (quoting from your first point) describes those who are always on-the-go. A great reminder to every email designer to make contents everything short, brief, and easy to access, for the convenience of everyone who surf the web or checks their email on their mobile devices. Thanks for this great insight Rebekah! Looking forward for more of your informative posts! =D

  3. Ivan Widjaya

    2/2/2014 9:48 pm

    Now that’s something new. I never knew that brevity is just an important in mobile. Maybe it is because I somehow enjoy reading e-books. But that’s just me I guess. Others would prefer shorter paragraphs.