3 Questions I Wish I’d Asked Before Starting My Business

Anyone who has ever started a business knows that sometimes your enthusiasm outpaces your experience and planning.

A few years ago, I started a soap & scrubs Etsy shop.

When I started it, all I knew was that oatmeal, honey and goat milk were as good in the shower as they were for breakfast, and that watching oils gel into a pudding and then harden into a large bar was awesome.

What I didn’t know was much of anything about marketing myself or the business.

But why let that stop me, right?

So I Dove In With Both Hands…

  • I set up my Etsy shop.
  • I grabbed a WordPress site, an email sign up form and a Facebook page.
  • I stocked up on supplies (bye-bye, savings)
  • I made a few sales here and there (yay!)
  • I cooked soap and shipped packages.

I bumped and bustled and blundered around, and I wondered how — or if — I would ever make a profit.

It took me 3 and a half years to figure it out. (And by that time, I needed a break… so I closed the shop down.)

What I Wish I Knew

Those years of blundering around could have been much more successful if when I started, I’d known all the things I knew by the end.

This knowing is something we’ve discussed repeatedly here, working with entrepreneurs as we do.

So I took some time to think back to the time when I “didn’t know what I didn’t know,” then I wrote down the key things to find out.

They overfilled this blog post, so we put them in a downloadable guide instead. Short, free and sharable. Save it for later, print it out and make notes on it, think on it.

Ask the questions now, and you’ll find yourself succeeding much faster than otherwise – and possibly faster than you expect.

Experience Is The Best Teacher…

Download the free PDF… but your own experience isn’t the only way to learn.

Read through this free PDF and you’ll be ahead — 3 and a half years ahead — of where I was when I started my business.

Click here to grab your free copy (link opens PDF in a new window)

What’s Your Advice to New Businesses?

What lessons have you learned marketing your business?

Help out the budding entrepreneurs who may read this article — share your advice below!


  1. jocuri cu cai

    4/9/2014 6:14 pm

    Thanks for this great resource! It is very helpfull!

  2. uwax bay

    4/17/2014 9:28 am

    thanks for the resource I hope will help me now

  3. Mark1

    4/22/2014 7:20 pm

    Thanks for the resource.
    I have a content blog that has Adsense on it now but, I started with a static site originally. I got started with Site Build it (SBI). It taught me how websites work and why they work that way. It forced me to implement proper SEO on my pages.
    When I left them I lost focus. I began reading forums instead of writing content. I also tried to build 3 WordPress sites at once. I also worked on them intermittently, that is a terrible way to promote a blog. Finally, I got rid of two of the sites and I had only one site to deal with.
    I keep a schedule (of sorts) and work a few hours each day. I kept chugging ahead.
    If you are getting started waste no time on Black Hat sites. Those techniques are useless. Read the PDF.

  4. Helen

    8/4/2014 8:34 pm

    Great article in this post i really happy to get ideas for my business. Thanks for sharing me the best ideas!