24 Apps That Can Help Your Business Grow

2012 saw a huge increase in the number of apps

2012 saw a huge increase in the number of apps and integrations available to AWeber users.

And there’s something for everyone. Whether you need to market with ecommerce, social media, membership platforms, videos or landing pages – there’s something to help you out.

Today we’ll look at the best apps to help you save time and reach more people, plus a complete list of all the apps released in 2012.

Top 6 Apps for Small Businesses


Usually, apps take time to develop and small businesses often need the help of developers. Not so with Zapier. You just drag the services you need to use into place, then follow their instructions. Zapier can integrate with most popular services our there, such as your CRM or event management services. It’s a great all-around solution if there’s not a specific integration for two services you’re using.

Who should use this: Anyone and everyone! If a service you use doesn’t have many integrations, here’s your chance to make one.


Call Loop

Want to send a text or voice message to your AWeber subscribers? Call Loop, a mobile messaging platform, allows you to do just that. Multichannel communication is crucial for getting the most out of your marketing efforts, and Call Loop makes it easy for small businesses to use email and mobile marketing together.

Who should use this: Any business can dabble in mobile marketing, but automotive shops, medical offices and other such services work well with this. It’s a great way to remind people they need to stop in soon.


Google Wallet

A fast, convenient checkout process. A payment guarantee protecting 98% of orders on average. These are reasons why business owners are using Google Wallet (formerly known as Google Checkout) for purchase transactions. With the app for AWeber, you can add these new customers to your email list as well. You can even add people to different lists based on the product they purchase.

Who should use this: Online retail stores.



Hosting events takes engagement with your audience one step further by allowing them to meet the people behind the brand while learning something new or having fun (or both). But what happens when the event is over? Thanks to the AWeber and Eventbrite integration, you can now add event attendees to the AWeber list of your choice.

Who should use this: If your business hosts any sort of event, including online events, this tool will be a big help.



If most of your customers visit your physical location, it can be a bit harder to get their online information. OnSpot bridges the gap by allowing you to set up your iPad to collect email addresses. You won’t have to worry about deciphering hand writing or importing information; it will all happen seamlessly in-store.

Who should use this: Businesses with foot traffic.



We wrapped up 2012 with an Etsy integration. You can now add customers who purchase from you on Etsy to your AWeber list. Not only that, you can also drag your Etsy products directly into your messages – great for boosting your sales.

Who should use this: If you sell handmade items or art, Etsy is the place to sell. This app will help you follow up with your customers.

Other Apps Announced in 2012

Here’s the full list of apps added last year:

Launch Effect
Use this WordPress theme for launching new sites or products.
Add users to your list from within a Viewbix video player.
Entice subscribers to sign up with a free, exclusive gift you create.
See subscriber information in your Gmail account.
View all your conversations with people, including AWeber information.
Use a Formstack form to invite visitors to sign up to your email list.
Build complex forms that capture more information.
Add customers that purchase from you through Shopify.
Synch your membership site with your email campaign.
Use custom Facebook tabs to turn likes into subscribers.
See subscriber information in your Zendesk account when viewing tickets.
See what lists your salesforce leads are subscribed to.
Add customers that purchase from you through your 2Checkout store.
Add customers that purchase from you through Magento.
Add Clickbank customers to your AWeber list.
Add customers that purchase from you through PrestaShop.
Gravity Forms
Integrate contact forms with your AWeber list.
Ask only visitors that are most likely to subscribe to fill out your form.


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  2. Randall Magwood

    1/10/2013 1:21 am

    The one that I’m most familiar with is the Clickbank integration to add customers to my email list. The second one that I’m most familiar with is ZenDesk. Very cool apps here. Most I’ve never heard of before.

  3. Rishi

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    Thanks for mentioning Digioh! We have 600 happy AWeber customers using Digioh to send large files ๐Ÿ™‚

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    What applications would help my business grow as a small High-grade Watchmaker and Watch restorator? I happen to work out of my house. I have decided years ago not to have a storefront anymore due to the high costs.

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