Congratulations, Giveaway Winners! ♥

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the <3 Your Customers Giveaway!

(If you missed it, there’s always the next one – for advance notice, sign up for blog notifications if you haven’t already.)

You appreciate your customers (almost) as much as we appreciate you. Keep showing them “heart” – that, friends, is what’s going to help you keep succeeding.

Julie Berquist of Head To Toe Organics

Won a year of service with OnSpot

“The customers of Head To Toe Organics are loved because they are searching for a healthier lifestyle. They want to make a change in their lives and come to learn about how chemicals in skin care can compromise their health.

Many customers have had cancer and are taking positive steps to make healthy choices and are faithful to buying products from Head To Toe. I love my customers because they appreciate and respect the time involved in researching each product to make sure that it is safe and healthy for them to use. My customers are the greatest!”

Angelica Frances

Won an unlimited Premise account

“We are in the business of Public Educational TV. Our greatest goal is to provided information that is relevant to our viewers. In our business everyone can make a difference. If we change one person’s life we are successful. Every new membership tells us we are doing something right, something people want and need.

They validate us. Their validation gets us the sponsors we need to produce more programming. One of the many circles of life.” : )

Bones Rodriguez of Freestyle Repertory Theatre

Won a $50 credit to CustomStickers

“I help run a local theatre company that does a lot of shows in schools here in NY, NJ and CT. We bring laughter and education to them, and when they come an stage with us, we give them a little courage and belief in themselves.

When we think about “what we do,” we feel more like a circus than a “small business,” but when the bills come due – we remember!”

Josh London of Josh London Magic

Won a year of classic service with Shoeboxed

“I love my customers so much because the give me ability and freedom to do what I love. I perform magic shows for kids birthday parties, corporate events and private parties.

I’ve been a magician since I was 5 and sharing my passion for live performance is what I live for. The fact that I get paid to do this makes my life better and I hope I make my audiences lives amazing!

AWeber has given me the ability to constantly stay in touch with fans and clients and offer valuable information and news in a beautiful format.”

Lisa Braithwaite of CoachLisaB

Won a $50 gift card to MOO

“My clients and customers come to me at a vulnerable time: They have finally, sometimes painfully, made the decision to address their public speaking challenges, and there’s no turning back.

I love their courage, their willingness to try uncomfortable new things, and their commitment to change and growth. My clients are the BEST!”

Caren Baginski of Happy Momentum

Won a year of email marketing with AWeber

“I ♥ my customers because they get me and my mission for them in the world. As a yoga instructor and founder of, I’ve forged a path out of depression through yoga and it’s my gift to share this momentum with others.

They embrace me in their inboxes each Sunday through my Weekly Dharma enewsletter. They leave me love notes saying that they look forward to it every week and take their time reading it, rather than rushing through ‘just another blog.’

My customers aren’t customers, but friends and allies and fellow world-changers who inspire me to live the life of my dreams.”


  1. Prashant Rohilla

    2/16/2013 5:36 am

    Congratulations to Caren, hope he makes most of it !!!!

  2. Randall Magwood

    2/16/2013 11:53 pm

    Congrats everyone who won the giveaways.