Email Marketing with Facebook and AWeber

There’s more to marketing your business online than just using email (although an email marketing campaign is an excellent place to start!). There are plenty of other channels where you can connect with your audience and publicize your business and your email campaign on.

With over 901 million users, Facebook is the largest and easiest social network to jump into if you’re just starting to market your business online. People use Facebook to connect with each other. So it’s natural for your business to use the network for connecting with your customers. And consumers are used to seeing brands and businesses on the network: 70% of small businesses already have an established Facebook presence.

Whether you’re just starting out or are one of those businesses with an established presence, AWeber has plenty of ways to integrate your email campaign with your Facebook page. Here are some of the ways you can supercharge your email campaign on Facebook.

Why You Should Use Facebook and Email Together

facebook and email

Email marketing and Facebook have similar goals – to keep your business in front of your customers. Email accomplishes this by landing in your subscribers’ inboxes on a regular basis. Facebook status updates will show up in your followers’ news feeds.

But if you’re only marketing on Facebook, you run the risk of getting lost in the crowd. The average Facebook user has about 229 friends. That’s at least 229 status updates flooding their news feeds every day, including the content your business posts. Unless you’re posting several times a day, you’re probably getting lost in the din if your customers don’t check their accounts more than once a day.

You have a better chance of getting seen in your customers’ inbox, which is likely less noisy than their news feed. Emailing on a regular basis helps your customers remember you the next time they need to buy something.

Using Facebook and email together also gives your customers a choice about how closely they interact with your business. Liking a page on Facebook takes very little commitment. Subscribing to an email list is a much bigger commitment – they must really want your information to part with their email address and invite you to regularly invade their personal inbox!

You can use Facebook to identify these super fans by posting information about your email list in your status updates. You can even post a copy of your latest newsletter on Facebook to attract more subscribers who are passionate about your business (more on that down below).

Finally, email and Facebook can work together to tell your business’s story. Email has the automated follow up series that can include your company’s history, a sense of your culture and other vital information. Facebook has Timeline that can highlight important milestones (while pointing people to your email list with some creative tweaks!).

How To Integrate AWeber With Facebook

Tying your Facebook page with your email campaign can go beyond the basic advice above. AWeber has several tools that are easy to use so you can build your list and expand your presence beyond your business page.


social media sharing

The easiest way to share your emails with a larger audience is by posting them on Facebook. You could create an archive and share each message’s link after you send your message, but AWeber makes it even easier to share new messages with your Facebook fans automatically.

When you create a new email newsletter in your account, check the box for “Enable Social Media/Sharing” before saving your message. You can add a Facebook account to automatically post your newsletter right here.

Sharing your newsletter on Facebook is an easy way to build your list. Not all of your Facebook fans are subscribed to your emails. Sharing them on Facebook shows your followers exactly what they’ll get in their inbox when they subscribe. Plus, your message archive includes your web form right in the sidebar! Prompt them to action by including a link to your web form along with your most recent message.

Web Forms on Facebook

aweber web form tool

Autosharing broadcast messages is one way to attract more subscribers to your list. But there’s an easier way still: placing a web form directly on your Facebook page. The AWeber Facebook web form app adds a custom tab to your page’s Timeline with a web form that your fans can use to sign up to your list.

When you install the Facebook app, make sure to change the name and image associated with the tab to invite your followers to sign up for your emails. You can find step-by-step instructions for installing the web form app on Timeline here.

Facebook Connect

facebook connect

Integrating your email campaign with Facebook can happen on your own web site, too. Facebook Connect makes it easier for your visitors to fill out your web form and subscribe to your emails. If a visitor is logged into Facebook, the Facebook Connect app automatically populates with their name and email address, pulled from their account.

Using Facebook Connect makes registration easier for both you and your subscribers. Your subscribers don’t have to type out their information, and you don’t have to worry as much about having an incorrectly typed email address added to your list. Visitors who would rather fill out your form the old-fashioned way can just click the “x” beside their name on the form and type in their details manually.

Learn more about using Facebook Connect with your web forms.

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