Free Email Deliverability Guide For Our Blog Readers!

While talking with our Support Team a while back, I was reminded of not only how often people ask about deliverability, but also what specifically they ask — questions like:

“How good is your email deliverability?”

“Can you use SPF? How do I set it up?”

“How do you guarantee that my email will get to people’s inboxes?”

Questions like these are easy enough to answer, but simply answering them isn’t enough, because there’s a bigger, more important question about email deliverability that people need to get an answer to:

What Can You — And I — Do To Get My Email Delivered?

A bit of a broad question, sure, but the truth is that email deliverability comprises multiple factors. Getting a simple yes/no answer to “do you use DKIM?” (we do) isn’t going to tell you that your emails will get to your subscribers’ inboxes.

To help answer that broader “How Do I Reach The Inbox?” question, we put together an email deliverability guide. Originally this was part of an offline ad campaign, but now, we’re releasing it to our blog readers!

How Do I Get a Copy Of The Deliverability Guide?

Simple: download it here.


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  6. Wendy

    2/28/2013 11:27 am

    Very informative. I have not started an email campaign yet so good timing for me. I need this information. I get overwhelmed by email so hesitate to send myself.