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Even though Confirmed Opt-In has established itself as an industry standard, many businesses aren’t as well-versed in it as they are in many other areas of their email marketing campaigns.

To help you better grasp this key to building a quality list of subscribers while protecting your email deliverability, our Education Team recently hosted a free live video seminar on Confirmed Opt-In.

Of course, with your busy schedule, you may not be able to attend a session live. So we’ve made the recording of this seminar available as a video recording.

What Will I Learn In This Seminar?

In this session, we discuss:

Benefits to Using Confirmed Opt-In
Common Objections to Using It
How to Maximize Your Confirm Rate for Online and Offline Subscribers, and When Migrating Your List Between Email Providers

Review the Seminar At Your Convenience

Click the Play button below to watch this 50-minute session.

You can also grab a copy of the seminar slides (PDF).

Confirmed Opt-In: Maximize Deliverability AND Your List Size from AWeber Communications on Vimeo.

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