How Email Is Used to Promote Conferences

Our client EuroSciCon organizes events for life scientists where they can present and discuss cutting edge topics. Email marketing helps them to quickly and effectively promote meetings on cutting edge topics. Today’s case study illustrates a real-life example of how email can be used to send information published to a blog or web page out to the subscribers when they need it.

euro_sci_logo.pngOur client EuroSciCon organizes events for life scientists where they can present and discuss cutting edge topics. Email marketing helps them to quickly and effectively promote meetings on cutting edge topics.

Today’s case study illustrates a real-life example of how email can be used to send information published to a blog or web page out to the subscribers when they need it.

EuroSciCon 101

What do you know about assaying chemokines and chemotaxis? Nothing? Me neither, but the doctors who do are making important advances in science and medicine.

But of course, significant advancement in modern science requires collaboration and discussion.

EcoSciCon provides solutions by providing a place and medium to foster innovation.

According to their website:

The aim of the company is to provide an environment for scientists and new technology developers to interact, exchange information and improve networks, within specifically organized and highly focused meetings.

The organization is comprised of several doctors and other staff. They earn a portion of their revenues from scientist registration and sponsors who are given access to speak with delegates (the scientists), distribute materials, and deliver brief presentations at events.

Using Email to Market Events

Dr. Shara B.A. Cohen executes the day to day operations for EuroSciCon, including its email campaigns. She uses AWeber for newsletters, blog broadcasts, and follow up messages.

The newsletter runs across their multiple websites and syndicates information from various blogs. The websites they run are meant to target different types of people who may participate in their events. They also segment their email campaigns to match the site’s audience.


Meanwhile, follow up messages provide incremental information on the services they offer to prospective participants

When a conference is announced, subscribers know right away. Shara and others post an article on their blog, and it’s quickly sent by email.

In her words:

I love the fact that I can feed the RSS from my blog and turn it into a newsletter. This has saved me money, as I was using a much more expensive newsletter system before.

So, this automation has saved EuroSciCon time and resources. And although she says she can’t directly attribute more sales to the email, Dr. Cohen knows they’re keeping in touch with people who would otherwise just have browsed.

Giving the Doctors Advice

I have to admit that making suggestions to a doctor feels strange. But with almost 10 years of helping customers with email marketing, we feel pretty confident in our knowledge of some of the best practices for email marketing.

So, we sent a few tips over to their team. Let’s quickly highlight a few that illustrate points all email marketers should consider:

1. Opt In Form Improvements

EuroSciCon’s site is a hub of information about planned upcoming events. They have a newsletter form on this page that fits in quite nicely and grabs attention, two factors which enhance the likelihood of its success.

However, there is no “headline” for the form listing any benefits of signing up:


The problem is that the market for real estate space in people’s inboxes can be quite expensive. You really need to establish the worth of your information to entice a high sign up rate.

A headline message like “Get notified of the events that will continue to shape the innovation of the life sciences. Sign up for our free newsletter” might do the trick, but we suggested they choose, since they know of the benefit of the newsletter better than us!

2. Improving Confirmation Rates

EuroSciCon is using confirmed opt-in for each of their campaigns.

This is wise for several reasons, such as keeping their campaign safe from spam bots and other malicious attacks that could otherwise harm their business.

In order to get the best verification rate, there are just a few things that need some attention. One area is the “thank you page” subscribers see when the submit a form.

Primarily, this page should clearly indicate what needs to be done to activate a subscription.

Currently, their page asks verbally:


Although some people do read through each web page that loads in front of them, most could benefit from a more visual experience to provoke immediate action.

We suggested that they use a screenshot of what the message might look like in a subscriber’s inbox. This is a common recommendation we make to customers. If they can instead put together a short video or audio to stream and grab their attention, we suggest that route also.

3. Better Branding Using HTML Messages

Finally, we noticed a minor inconsistency in the formatting of messages that could be addressed in order to make EuroSciCon’s branding a bit more prominent.

In their broadcast message, they’ve used one of our HTML templates, with their logo at the top of the messages, and the text content neatly tucked inside of a containing box.


Yet, in their follow up series of messages that automatically goes out to all subscribers, the messages are plain-text only.

By putting the follow up messages into templates as well, their branding becomes more consistent. Subscribers know what to expect, and if they forward messages to interested associates, they may be more likely to open the message at first glance.

The Take-Away For Email Marketers

EuroSciCon largely uses its email campaigns to provide information its subscribers can use. The nature of their client base is fairly academic, so sales pitches don’t have the place they might in other fields.

“Email marketing is not always just about direct sales.”

There is something we can learn from here, regardless of what industry you’ve found your niche in.

Email marketing is not always just about direct sales. In fact, campaigns that have a high return on investment (ROI) sometimes minimize direct marketing techniques and focus on their brand by providing useful information.

Trust and expertise can go a long way. Provided that your offering a service with a demand and usefulness to subscribers, the sales will naturally follow. Of course, some occasional calls to action wouldn’t hurt!

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Later we’ll follow up on EuroSciCon, like we do other cases, to track what kind of success they’ve had.

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  1. Tim Lassig

    6/28/2007 6:12 pm

    I really felt the information in this article was "eye opening". I am in the start up phase of learning how to set up my own email campaigns, opt in lists etc. I am looking forward to the benefits your service provide but I am also realising that certain steps need to be done "right" for maximum impact. This information gave me a better picture of what I need to do. I am looking forward to learning more!!! Hopefully soon I will have the time to join in on a webinar!! Keep the information streaming….