Case Study: The Trick that Tripled Blogger Emma Johnson’s Email Sign Ups

Blogger Emma Johnson created a true community for single moms. Here’s how she uses email marketing to stay connected and grow her following.

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Emma Johnson’s blog, Wealthy Single Mommy, is more than practical dating and finance advice for single moms. It’s a support community for women everywhere.

“Nobody was speaking to me or my peers,” Emma said. “We have our own stories, challenges. I started a blog and I didn’t know what I was doing. It was a personal project. I thought I’d talk about money, but it went way beyond money.”

Today, Emma has a loyal fanbase (an email list of 6,000 and 50K monthly website visitors) and makes regular appearances on CNN, NBC’s Today Show, and NPR, just to name a few.

To better connect with her readers and keep her audience growing, Emma relies on email marketing.

Quick Stats on Wealthy Single Mommy:

Average open rate: 26 percent

Average click-through rates: 6 percent

Average monthly website visitors: 50,000 people

List size: 6,000

The Trick that Tripled Her Email Sign Ups

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For Emma, growing her subscriber list gets her content in front of more people, which in turn grows her blog audience. To grow her list, Emma relies on one ridiculously smart sign up form tactic.

First, she keeps a close watch on how each of her blog posts performs. When she sees a post gaining tons of views and shares, she makes sure to feature it the top of her website, where it’s bound to get maximum exposure. That way, when people visit Emma’s blog, the first thing they see is that high-performing blog post with an opt-in freebie incentive.

“Every month or so, I’ll write a blog that goes bananas,” Emma said. “Five hundred people will share it. Whenever I see that happening, I make sure that post goes to the top of my site.”

Even if a post was written a year ago, Emma will still feature it on the top of her website to take advantage of the post’s views and gather more sign ups. Then, when she shares that post on social, one of the first things a person will notice in the blog post is her opt-in form with her freebie.

And just in case they miss it, there’s a sign up form at the end of each blog post too. There is no shortage of opportunities to sign up for Emma’s email list on her website!

The “Best Of” Free Guide

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An incentive offer is more than a clever business tactic – it helps people get to know you better!

Emma offers a free guide, “15 Secrets to Thriving as a Single Mom” as an incentive to her new subscribers.

“It’s a snapshot of the advice I give all the time,” she said. “It’s my manifesto for single moms. People find me when they’re desperate and in need of practical and emotional advice. The guide sets the tone for their relationship with me going forward.”

The free guide helps new readers get familiar with Emma, her writing style and what they can expect to see on her blog and newsletter. Since it’s a compilation of tips, it also helps new subscribers get caught up on any great advice they may have missed.

It’s true that Emma’s incentive guide helps grow her email list – but more importantly, it creates loyal, long-time readers who feel part of a real community.

The Community That Helps Her Business Grow

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Expanding your business is something that lots of bloggers and entrepreneurs dream about. One way to get there is by creating a community where your audience can gather and make real connections.

If you click on any one of Emma’s blog posts, you’ll see comments from women all over the world, as well as heartfelt replies from Emma herself. By being proactive in her comments, Emma’s audience gets a chance to have their voices heard.

To take it a step further, Emma created a free forum for single moms.

“When I went through my divorce, I was fortunate to have a best friend,” Emma said. “I wanted my readers to have that too.”

An added bonus of the forum is the opportunity for Emma to better understand her readers – their biggest challenges, their day-to-day struggles and what makes them tick.

Looking Ahead

Emma’s business success is tied closely to her subscriber list (as it should be!) – so it makes sense that one of her biggest goals is to grow her list to 10,000 people. She has a personal finance educational product in the works to help her get there. Above all, Emma strives to create content that serves her readers’ biggest needs.

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