4 Tips For Using Frequent Email Deals To Sell More

Online retailers rejoiced at the news their email marketing campaigns are eagerly read by consumers. This report showed that nearly half of those surveyed said they look forward to finding the latest deals in their inbox.

Online retailers rejoiced at the news their email marketing campaigns are eagerly read by consumers. This report showed that nearly half of those surveyed said they look forward to finding the latest deals in their inbox.

The question is: are you creating compelling messages that make subscribers keep coming back for more?

Roller Warehouse has their aggressive skating crowd interacting with them regularly, thanks to their email campaign. Their biweekly deal approach has brought them a great return on investment, customers are interacting with their business like never before, and they were eager to share their results and strategies with fellow online marketers.

The Biweekly Deals from Roller Warehouse

Roller Warehouse sends out their deals on skating equipment and apparel every Tuesday and Friday.

The Tuesday email usually looks like this:

Tuesday’s email requires a phone call to order the sale item:

Roller Warehouse explains that the reason the deal can’t be done online is because their price is too low to publish. This is a great way to get customers on the phone and talking to you. That offer also gives a sense of urgency, since the deal has an expiration date.

The Friday deal the subscriber can order online:

This approach can appeal to subscribers that are interested in getting deals, but maybe don’t want to call in to order. Another consideration is that subscribers may have more time on the weekend to think about their hobby.

There is also the advantage that online orders can come in while offices are closed for the weekend.

This deal also has a sense of urgency, since it expires once the weekend is over.

Results from the Biweekly Deal Approach

Roller Warehouse is proud of the campaign’s performance so far. Since implementing this method they’ve had:

  • 8-10% increase in sales after each email deal is sent out
  • Facebook fans increase 32%
  • 30-35% increase in blog traffic

Why This Works and How To Apply it to Your Campaign

1. Consider the Audience

Roller Warehouse’s target market consists of kids and young adults. Roller Warehouse looked at reports of when subscribers were opening the messages, and that’s how they found Tuesday would be a good send day. Friday was picked as the second day because most of their audience doesn’t have school on the weekends.

Are you looking at when your subscribers are reading? Use your reports to find out what day your subscribers open messages, and send your emails keeping that information in mind.

2. Utilize Social Media

Roller Warehouse promotes sharing their deals with others by including a link to share with Facebook friends:

With one click the deal can be shared with friends, allowing even more people to interact with Roller Warehouse. You can do this by uploading the Facebook logo as an image in your email, then hyperlink that image using this:


Just replace the <url> with the link you want to share.

With social media becoming an increasingly more valuable tool for marketing, you want to make sure you’re using sites like Facebook and Twitter to promote your business

3. Build a relationship with subscribers

Roller Warehouse does not just go for the hard sell in their deals. They use a friendly tone and even create cool videos for the products they’re promoting:

You can click to view one of their videos below:

Roller Warehouse also keeps in mind that not everyone will be attracted to the featured deal, so they include other products that are on sale as well:

Along with that, Roller Warehouse includes news from their blog so subscribers will still interact with the site even if they aren’t interested in the current deals:

Take a look at your last email and make sure you’re working on building a relationship. Are you having a conversation with your subscribers or is it an advertisement? Are you asking for feedback? Do you provide materials your subscribers will find interesting?

Have a friend look over your messages and let you know if your personality comes out in it, or if it sounds like a salesperson.

4. Stay Consistent

If you don’t set expectations for valuable messages, subscribers won’t be reading. Roller Warehouse has set a consistent schedule for their campaign, which means subscribers know when to expect getting the deals. All their messages include either the phone deal for Tuesday or online deal for Friday, and they make sure to include product demos in all their messages.

Make sure you have set expectations for your campaign early on, and stick to the schedule and material you promised!

Have You Tried Frequent Email Deals With Your Campaign?

Roller Warehouse likes how their biweekly deals are performing, while companies like Groupon and LivingSocial have found daily email deals work great for them.

What results have you seen from email deals? What other tactics have you tried to increase sales?


  1. Nattapontatib

    5/26/2011 5:55 am

    Thank you for this awesome article been doing some research on image searches
    and this has been very informative.

  2. Aaron Schulman

    5/26/2011 9:46 am

    Yes- this works great for converting foot-traffic to subscribers and getting repeat business-

    (kind of like a customer VIP or rewards program)

    We did a very similar set-up using Aweber and one of our clients-Munster Animal Hospital-

    The simple squeeze-page we set up is at MunsterVip.com (check it out but please don’t subscribe unless you are in the Munster Indiana area and have pets)

    Then we designed desk signs and little business cards each with the same headline and bullets / benefits and call to action which was simply to register at MunsteVip.com

    -to help convert foot traffic to email subscribers-

    some of the benefits are monthly coupons for discounted pet services (both essentials and non-essentials)

    and they get a loaded monthly newsletter to boot on all kinds of pet care ideas – and fun, timely articles –

    They get a lot of repeat business from their newsletter coupons that have a monthly deadline of course. . .

    This concept is a little more challenging I think when you have informational products versus local foot traffic whose choices for services are limited to a geographical area . . . because online informational and digital services are not as limited to number of choices (more global)

    – but local or regional choices – I would imagine – like skating – would have a bit less apparent competition – but they look like they are doing a super job of staying competitive if there is any. . .

    Thanks for the post Aweber!

  3. Aaron Schulman

    5/26/2011 9:53 am

    Question- Is roller warehouse just a retailer / wholesaler or do they also have an adjoining local rink?

    Just curious. .

  4. Crystal Gouldey

    5/27/2011 8:53 am

    Aaron- Their site doesn’t mention a rink, and when I talked to them we just focused on their online business. You can always contact them on their site to find out more details!