#AWeberHour Twitter Chat Preview – Capturing More Leads Using Email and Landing Pages

August 6 AWeberHour Twitter Chat

Ready for another amazing #AWeberHour Twitter chat?

As I mentioned in my last post, we’ve got a fantastic lineup of speakers at our upcoming ASCEND Digital Marketing Summit in October.

To introduce you to these incredible speakers, we’ve organized three special edition #AWeberHour Twitter chats. We’ve already knocked out one amazing chat.

Next up, on Wednesday, August 6, from 2-3 p.m. ET, you’ll hear from five conversion optimization experts who will be sharing ways you can capture more leads using email and landing pages.

You’ll walk away with ideas on how to optimize your lead generation efforts and maximize the opportunity of capturing new leads.

The top chat contributor will receive some AWeber goodies, so be sure to participate!

Our Guest Panelists

Hunter Boyle

Hunter Boyle, @HunterBoyle

Hunter is senior business development manager at AWeber. He develops partnership, affiliate and strategic growth initiatives. As a multichannel marketer, editor and optimization strategist, Hunter draws from 15 years of client-side and agency experience. Prior to joining AWeber, Hunter frequently spoke and led training in many aspects of digital marketing as the content director for Marketing Experiments and the editor/blogger of Internet Marketing Report and What’s Working In Sales Management.

Oli Gardner

Oli Gardner, @OliGardner

Oli is co-founder of Unbounce. He’s seen more landing pages than anyone on the planet and coined the term “conversion centered design,” authoring the marketing theory behind its seven principles. At Unbounce, he lives in front of a 20-foot whiteboard, mashing up usability, interaction design and landing page optimization to create better conversion experiences. His disdain for marketers that send campaign traffic to their homepage is legendary.

Justine Jordan

Justine Jordan, @Meladorri

Justine is director of marketing at Litmus. She’s a recovering designer masquerading as a marketer. Once responsible for designing, building, and managing email campaigns for ExactTarget customers, she now leads content marketing, customer education and research initiatives for Litmus. She’s strangely passionate about this email marketing thing, hates being called a spammer, and still gets nervous when it’s time to hit the send button.

Brian Massey

Brian Massey, @BMassey

Brian is founder of Conversion Sciences. He calls himself a conversion scientist and he has the lab coat to prove it. He is author of the book Your Customer Creation Equation: Unexpected Website Formulas of The Conversion Scientist. Website optimization is the science of finding more online revenue without paying to get more visitors. He authors The Conversion Scientist blog, and has written for ClickZ.com, Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and the Content Marketing Institute.

Justin Rondeau

Justin Rondeau, @WhichTestWon

Justin is chief testing evangelist and editor of WhichTestWon. He leads the editorial and training workshops for WhichTestWon, the top weekly publication in conversion optimization. More than 75,000 marketers each month visit WhichTestWon to research its extensive case study library, which features samples and results data for nearly 300 A/B and MVT tests. A trainer with hands-on testing and conversion optimization, Rondeau’s goal is to inspire and educate more marketers to optimize their email campaigns and web sites via testing.

How To Participate

  1. Create an account at Twitter.com.
  2. Follow @AWeber and our guest experts.
  3. Follow the hashtag #AWeberHour using our tchat.io link or in your favorite Twitter application (e.g., Twitter.com, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, etc.) and be sure to include it in your tweet.

What We’ll Cover

Here’s a preview of the questions we’ll be discussing:

  • What’s the biggest optimization challenge facing marketers today?
  • Where do the best test ideas come from?
  • What are some common landing page mistakes marketers should fix?
  • Why do so many struggle with creating a killer value proposition? What tips can help marketers with this?
  • What are your top 3 tips for optimizing email opt-in forms?
  • In general, what’s the first area of a site you recommend to start optimization testing?
  • What’s your favorite test that you’ve run or seen recently, and why?
  • What tactics do you recommend for generating traffic and conversions using social media, email marketing and search optimization?