Stumped Trying to Write Follow Up Messages?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve undoubtedly had a bit of writers block a time or two in the past.

Fortunately, creating the messages for your follow up sequence doesn’t have to be an excruciating experience that keeps you from following up. I have good news for you…

You’ve already written your follow up messages and don’t realize it.

Yes, that’s right, you already wrote the messages you need to start following up with your website visitors. Before you call me crazy see if the following applies to you:

  • Website has been up 1-2 months or more.
  • Your email address is on the website.
  • You answer questions from visitors via email.

If so, congratulations! You’re already nearly done writing your follow up messages.

The Secret:

  • Open your email program.
  • Click on your sent email folder.

The emails that you’ve already written communicating with prospects and customers is the exact same type of content you should put in your follow up sequence. Daily, I see many people get hung up trying to over think their follow up sequence. It has to be perfect or they don’t want to do it at all.

You might want to start with the recommended 7 messages right from the gun, I guarantee that if you’re not following up now a simple 1, 2, or 3 message follow up will make a world of difference to your bottom line. You don’t need 7 messages to make a noticeable impact if you’re not doing anything now.

Re purpose the questions and answers you’ve already written and get them online.

How do you think I came up with what you’re reading now? I certainly won’t win awards with my writing, but I do know how to help small businesses thru effective follow up.

When I get a bit of writers block a simple copy and paste from the sent email folder gets me going again.


  1. Paul E. Watts

    8/1/2006 2:52 pm

    Excellent idea Tom – and so are these blog updates! And yes I often get writers block myself and I hadn’t thought of looking through my Sent Folder – I usually kick-start the thought-waves by running a search for something relevant and it suddenly takes off again. It’s the same thing really – we just need a nudge now and then don’t we?!

    Anyway – again well done and congrats for continually developing a business system that in all ways including innovative is just far above anything else that’s out there!

  2. Maryann Diorio

    8/1/2006 4:01 pm

    Hi, Tom,

    Congratulations on your blog! I’m finding your messages quite helpful. Once again, AWeber rates high in excellent service.

    Dr. MaryAnn

  3. Leonardo Nieto

    8/1/2006 7:21 pm

    That’s a great idea for having an autoresponder running in just a few minutes.

  4. Sheri Zampelli

    8/2/2006 11:08 pm

    Hi Tom,

    Thanks for the info. I was interested in those 7 questions. I’ll have to look around and find that.

  5. Sheri Zampelli

    8/2/2006 11:18 pm

    Hi again,

    Didn’t I once see, read or receive a list of recommended follow-up topics? I think it was sent when I first signed up. Would you consider putting that on the blog for all to see? I know it would help me, I’m setting up a new follow-up campaign now and I want it to be as effective as possible.


  6. Alvin

    8/3/2006 1:35 am

    A personal tone to your autoresponders is good. You don’t need to send Pulitzer winning articles!


  7. Jeff Mills

    8/3/2006 1:29 pm

    Hey Tom….

    This is exactly what I did when I first starting using your autoresponders, I dug into my sent file for repeatedly asked FAQ’s.

    But writing autoresponders is not a chore either, I would write a fresh email, once a day for 14 days, and then all the sudden, I now have a 14 day follow up sequence working for me. I did this two years ago and still get sales from those 14 messages, which seem like an eternity ago when I wrote them.

    Just take 4-10 minutes a day, write one follow up messages, under 250 words, with a specific call to action in each message…. Click here, buy today, go here now… tell people what to do!


  8. Maurice Smith

    8/4/2006 7:02 pm


    Just ran across your blog entry. Yes, that is a great
    way to write follow up emails. Another way to write
    compelling follow up emails is right from the sales
    letter or product that you are promoting.

    We all get bombarded with email ads. I’ve found that
    one of the best ways to follow up on single product
    promotions is to just pick out different bits and
    pieces from your own sales letter.

    It helps to create very good follow up messages.


  9. Robert Torrey

    8/8/2006 7:17 pm

    Thanks Tom

    It was nice meeting you in Atlanta by the way. This gives me a few ideas.

  10. Sue Melin

    8/11/2006 5:32 am

    Thanks so much for the kick in the pants I’ve needed. You got me out of “perfection” mode, and into “excellence” mode.
    As much of a believer as I am in being unique in everthing, you have proven that creativity needs channels to throw through–now, my follow up letters ARE truly unique–just needed to be shown where to find my own fingerprint–in my sent folder.

  11. Kevin Dervin

    8/16/2006 10:41 am

    Thanks Tom. This is brilliant!

    It’s funny how simplicity can be so elusive to us. I think the mistake of believing I have to write some kind of Pulitzer Prize winning prose trips me up as much as the writer’s block.

    Thanks for making an answer so straight forward. And thanks for starting your blog.

    All my Best!

  12. Leigh Everett

    8/20/2006 4:26 am

    Creating a series of messages and being able to test the response has been vital to my own learning curve, once you have the sales letter written just take 7 bullet points from the letter and insert them into aweber.

    Here is the first one:

    How to Make More Sales.

    Insert Aweber and create series of messages to remind
    prospects, customers that you are still alive.

    Repeat 7 times as a minimum, then test, track & test!

    P.S Go back to square 1 and repeat the process.

  13. Tinu

    8/20/2006 8:13 am

    Hi Tom,

    First, kudos to you and Aweber on the blog – and on my favorite feature, the feed broadcaster.

    Second, this is a great idea not just for creating follow-up messages, but for blogging and creating electronic products. It’s so simple, and part of becoming successful is knowing to do what is simple, and works. I find myself over-complicating the follow-up process all the time.


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  16. The Grumpy Old Chef

    11/26/2007 2:07 pm

    A really good idea.

    A pity I empty my emails sent folder once a week. LOL

  17. Marc Kline

    11/26/2007 2:16 pm

    Ouch. I’m sorry to hear that!

    Of course, although this article gives some practical advice you can use moving forward from here out — by taking a look at some of the sent messages before you trash them — you might also benefit simply from reflecting on some of those things you find yourself writing frequently.

    Also, just this past Friday I published an article in our blog talking about another place to find content that you might find helpful as well.

  18. The Grumpy Old Chef

    11/27/2007 3:18 am

    Hi and thanks very much,

    I’ll have a look at that ‘Other Place To Find Content".

    Actually, I’m very lucky. No-one on my list ever contacts me to ask a question so I never have to send them emails or have any sort of contact with them.

    I have no forum – God forbid, and I don’t actually visit any forums, either.

    They get a broadcast every few days that none of them acts upon LOL but I have no sequence of messages in AWeber. I just don’t see how it can be done.

    It’s almost impossible to find anything to put in an email.

    I don’t believe for one moment that I will ever know more than anyone else so there are no tips that I can give them and nothing for me to teach them.

    I just give them a free e-Book of some sort and a link to a JV giveaway and that’s about it.

    No-one has ever bought a single item from my emails so I don’t bother recommending anything anymore.

    My webhost tells me that he doesn’t even have a list. He used to but subscribers only want freebies and will never buy anything so he closed his list down.

    Honesty is hard to come by online. All the gurus tell you that eveyrone buys from emails. I know that I don’t. LOL

  19. Russell Maxwell

    12/4/2009 2:47 am

    Hello Tom,

    Thanks for the tip on how to write follow-up messages. Not only was it informative and useful, I also enjoyed reading the comments from your readers as well. The synergistic effect it creates is well worth the effort.