Quick Tips Video: How to Add Humor (and Mustaches) to Your Marketing

Who doesn’t love to laugh? We’ll show you how to inject some humor into your next marketing campaign.

Who said marketing has to be serious 100 percent of the time? Adding humor to your content shows off your personality, sets you apart from the competition and makes your brand more memorable. But humor can be tricky, too.

In honor of April Fool’s Day, we’ll show you how to weave some funny quips into your next marketing campaign – the right way.

How does your business use humor as part of your marketing? Tell us in the comments!

Missed something in the video? Read the full transcript below:

M: Hi, I’m Monica.

O: And I’m Olivia.

M: For today’s quick tip, we’re going to talk about how to be funny in your marketing. While wearing fake mustaches.

O: Y’know, facial hair is really in right now…

O: Humor can be tricky, and you want to make sure that you’re eliciting laughs and not shameful eyes from your audience. When done right, it can be a great way to bring personality to your brand and increase engagement with customers. I mean really, who doesn’t like to laugh?

M: So let’s get to it – here’s four tips for adding humor to your marketing.

O: Tip #1: Look to pop culture

M: Is there something going on right now that *everyone* and their mom is talking about? Making references to it in your content can be a fun way to bring personality to your business.

O: You can use cultural references at your discretion, but keep in mind that a timely topic might not be appropriate for all content, like your website copy. In these cases, humor would be best for social media posts or your blog.

M: A couple of our recent blog posts, for example, have featured nods to famous musicians like Notorious B.I.G. and Meghan Trainor, or Internet-famous animals like cats and a really cute dancing pony.

O: I’ve also seen a Petsmart email with the subject line of “Got 99 problems? Now shipping ain’t one.”

M: Tip #2: Use social media

O: Social media is perfect for sharing memes and animated GIFS, which are visually engaging and perfect for eliciting a laugh and softening your brand image.

M: At Hunzinger Accounting & Financial Solutions, the business owner knows how to take a dry topic like taxes and make it light. Intaxication –  get it?

O: You can also use user-generated content by encouraging your social followers to share their own funny content. Give them a mission and have them share it with a hashtag you’ve created.

M: Tip #3: Play With Your Words

O: A pun, which is a play on words, is perfect for livening up your content – whether it’s a blog post title, a meme or even website copy.

M: If you’re writing the title of a blog post, for example, think of a popular phrase and replace it with a word or two that ties back to your business – kinda like intaxication.

O: Or like content marketing guru Ann Handley’s email list, which is called “Total Annarchy.”

M: Cheesy, but brilliant.

O: Tip #4: Be respectful

M: What you consider to be funny might be extremely offensive to another  – so think before you publish. Ask yourself if your joke has any potential of offending your audience; you don’t want to end up in a bad PR dilemma.

O: And that’s it! Have other ideas for using humor in marketing, tweet us @aweber:

M: And for more marketing tips, be sure to sign up for the AWeber blog.

O: Thanks for watching – we’ll see you in two weeks for the next AWeber Quick Tips!


  1. Renata

    4/1/2015 12:22 pm

    Hello Kristen
    Thanks for the quick tips, do you have this vidéo written?
    It’s was sometimes difficult to understand everything…
    And what is “pun” ?
    thank you a lot

  2. Frank

    4/1/2015 12:45 pm

    Useful and to the point. Thanks.

  3. Catherine Gentile

    4/2/2015 10:06 am

    What would really help would be for speakers to slow down, so they could be understood. It’s a shame to miss important information due to mumble-mouthing. Not cool.


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    4/6/2015 4:14 am

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  5. Bryce Baker

    4/15/2015 1:35 am

    This brings up some very interesting ideas I would not have thought of, like looking to pop culture.